I didn’t like Brian Jordan the first time, when he was merely overrated and overpaid for a serviceable corner outfielder. I like him even less now as a has-been with twisted limbs and a shot to cost the Braves several games in the standings. I like him so little that I’m starting to come around on the whole Mondesi thing.

Jordan played right field for the Braves from 1999-2001. Even then, he had injury problems (missing 29 games in 2000) and was a fairly ordinary hitter when in the lineup. In his Braves career, Jordan hit .281/.334/.463, with most of his damage coming against lefthanders. He then cried like a little baby when the Braves traded him for a far superior player, Gary Sheffield. Jordan had one season with the Dodgers which was close to his Atlanta standard, then started having major injury problems. In 2003, he managed a fluky .372 OBP but slugged only .420; last season, with the Rangers, in a hitters’ park, he hit .222/.275/.363. He played 66 and 61 games in those years. So of course the Braves brought him back.

Jordan can still hit lefties some (.259/.316/.482 last season) and that has a little value. Over the last three years he’s hit .260/.315/.386 against righthanders; his numbers last year are unprintable. If the Braves are sensible and platoon him with Ryan Langerhans, they might be okay. If they let Jordan play everyday, he will stink, but he’ll get hurt soon enough, and even if he doesn’t he’ll be so bad that Bobby will eventually yank him. Jordan will then cry to his boyfriend (the columnist who shall not be named) and raise another stink, which is what he does. I don’t get why this guy is supposed to be a good citizen.

Jordan was a pretty good defensive outfielder once. The leg injuries have likely ended that. He can’t run the bases anymore either (8-of-15 SB over the last three seasons).

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