Game Thread: August 22, Braves at Cubs

Maybe, if the Braves aren’t winning as regularly at home, a road trip is what they needed. Let’s hope so.

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  1. Say hello to Jenny, who is now gainfully employed as a Carleton College Music Circulation Desk Attendant at $9.28 per hour! Now if they’d only let me work more than 8 hours a week, I’d be set. Guess playing the violin has finally paid dividends. Literally.

    No rain tonight, Smitty. Chance is 10%. Let’s hope Zambrano is off his game.

  2. Older lineup tonight…

    Estrada (Pena back to Richmond…interesting spot for Estrada in the lineup)

    We miss Nomar tonight in the Cubs lineup.

  3. Well, Hudson can’t get a bunt down anyway. So the usual risk of the bunt DP isn’t there. That and, well, it’s at least somewhat likely that Estrada can’t hit well enough for it to matter.

  4. You know, in Chicago this is on Fox and you could theoretically switch between TBS, live, ESPN on three second delay, and Fox on five second delay.

  5. Am I the only person who has ESPNNEWS on ESPN right now instead of the game?

    I’m 200 miles away from Atlanta, so it can’t be a broadcast blackout thing.

  6. I have the game on TBS. But they have a “blackout” (ESPNNEWS feed) on ESPN. I just thought it was strange.

  7. I live in Atlanta, and yeah its ESPNNEWS. But, you probably knew that?

    I don’t like facing Zambrano.

  8. I know it’s early, but Hudson looks amazing. Problem is, I don’t know how we’re gonna score. This one is looking like that Huddy/Clemens matchup earlier this year in Houston. (That one kinda worked out in the end.)

  9. “Just because Cindy’s mom was a dirty tramp, doesnt mean everyone has to DIE”

    What kind of preview is that?


  10. patterson: the downside of no plate discipine. i hope we never see his type of performance in Frenchie.

  11. I could usually care less who calls the games, but I like Sutton, especially when Maddux & Glavine were on the team. Lotsa pitching insight.

  12. Did they give Barrett a hit on that? Sheesh. Actually, it would have been a hit anywhere else, but in Wrigley you have to make that play.

    Well, the word “sucks” is now totally mainstream. Which kind of sucks.

  13. I find it amusing that “sucks” and “blows” have the same meaning, even though they’re complete opposites.

    And I really couldn’t care less about the frequent usage of either word. Chalk it up to the continuing moral decline of my generation, but it just has no impact on me.

  14. Latnam, Hudson’s was this dominant (actually, a little more) against Clemens in Houston. I know you posted a while ago, but I just got on.

  15. Stu, well I saw that game too, I just wasn’t thinking of it earlier. He’s certainly not gonna match it now. Of course even in that game he had 6 flyouts, still none tonight. But yeah he was better in that game against Clemens. Seems so long ago.

  16. The kid is looking at a hat trick..I hope he hits a dinger like his first game against these same cubbies…

  17. Our top 6 hitter got just 22 pitches out of him the last two innings, or perhaps he would already be gone, a little patience later in the game might help but oh well.

  18. When Nomar went down he was like the hottest hitter in baseball. He was up near .400 and hung around .320 for a while.

    Nice toss KJ

  19. Late to the party, as usual. The fishing has been too good to miss with the full moon a few days ago and all.

    Boy, how glad was Estrada that it wasn’t a close play at the plate.

  20. urlhix,

    Give Johnny credit. If he were “gunshy,” he might’ve have heard those footsteps & flubbed the throw. Nice play.

  21. He did play the throw nicely, but you could tell he was a little shy about stepping in front of Barrett.

  22. He gets credit but I could see the wheels turning in his mind from here at my living room.

  23. The man made the play on a long hop with a runner coming down the line. Not as easy as it looks. Try it once.

  24. Neifi Perez:

    Home: .308/.332/.443
    Away: .243/.270/.353

    Those are crazy splits. Coors-like splits. No wonder I thought Neifi wasn’t very good.

  25. We aren’t saying it wasn’t hard. We are saying we could tell he was thinking about it. He still played the ball well…as he should, since it IS his job.

    Speaking of crazy home\away splits:

    Adam LaRoche
    Home: .322/.356/.556
    Away: .200/.269/.356

  26. I’m not saying it wasn’t a skilled play and never would. All I’m saying is that even before the throw it had shades of shaping up like the the Erstad play that got him hurt in the first place and I’ll bet my catch tonight that Johnny recognized the same thing.

    Now let’s light up some Wood here and start a fire.

  27. urlhix,

    I just think Johnny was dealing with the hop, not so much thinking about contact.

    But right now, who cares? Chipp-ah!

  28. I think Chipper would say, “Smurph, when reporters talk to you, speak in nothing but cliches. It’s worked for me, taking it one day at a time.”

  29. what I really like about Chip is that even when he is in a slump, he concentrates on the walks, etc. and eventually things work out.

  30. Absolutely awful by Giles. He had all the time in the world. LaRoche didn’t help, but that’s on Giles.

  31. ububba,

    You can think that. I don’t. Any catcher thinks about the contact. Especially if you are coming of an injury related to that very thing. But I think we can agree to disagree since we are now winning. Besides, it’s not like I bet my house or car on it *grin*.

  32. LaRoche did the right thing. He couldn’t think he had time to turn it if he left the base, so he tried to stretch and keep his foot on the bag. It was a good effort.

  33. Our bullpen has gotten a lift from Smoltz and Hudson. That’s what they’re paid for, I suppose. Good win.

  34. As I said all along, we need a healthy Chipper Jones to have any chance in the playoff.

    Great game by Tim Hudson!!!

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