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Basically, Andruw shows up at the place I’m at (with five beautiful women accompanying him) and grabs a booth as news of his arrival immediately spreads like wildfire. Everyone is doing the standard “I’m a big fan” meet and greet, and I steadfastly refuse to be that guy. But after about ten minutes or so of constant badgering (“You WROTE about him, man!”), I finally cave, walk over and introduce myself, and lamely tell him that I just wrote an article on him for (shockingly, this did not result in a night of comped Cristal and a seat at his table). In my ten second interaction with Andruw, I regarded him as genuinely laid-back, very approachable, and completely disinterested in what I had to say yet remarkably polite about it.

I am not touching that.

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  1. Didn’t ‘Druw miss the game on Saturday? As I think he said that his body just didn’t feel good?

  2. If he talks like he writes, it’s no surprise Andruw wasn’t interested.

    And is Andruw into concubine entourages now?

  3. Judges are supposed to be disinterested. Andruw, I’m sure, was uninterested.
    I’ll admit it: I love the guy (Andruw), and this just makes me admire him all the more. Twenty-eight years old, closing in on 300 career home runs…. Baseball and beautiful women–what a life!
    Of course, if we had “flipped him” last year for Magglio Ordonez, like we were supposed to, I never would have gotten to write this. And the Braves would be looking up at the rest of the division….

  4. Friend of mine met Gallaragga and Javy at a bar once…not some trendy Buckhead spot either, just a good working-class smoke-filled sorta sports bar. He talked to em for a secon his way out and say they were real nice

    oh heres another reason to hate on Bayless, he says he wants to outlaw alcohol

  5. I don’t know if what that writer wrote is true or not and it really doesn’t matter because Andruw’s reaction was fine. I’m really thankful that we never dealt Andruw and wrote that numerous times in my Raps. He has really matured ad I wonder if he minds sparing one of his ladies?

  6. My family spent four full days in the same hotel where the Braves were at against San Diego in 1996. We met everyone and had some interesting discussions with so many of them. We walked away incredibly impressed with how nice practically all of them were.

  7. Anyone who has followed Andruw knows that he likes the gals. He was a regular at the Atlanta strip club that went on trial (for various reasons). Andruw even testified.

    Speaking from experience, athletes are usually the last people with whom you’d ever want to have a conversation. Better to watch them from afar.

  8. That doesn’t surprise me. AJ approached one of our good friends (one of the hottest girls you’ve ever laid eyes on) and asked for her number. She refused and he asked her if ‘she knew who he was.’

    lol…didn’t work.

  9. I’ve covered a handful of Braves games and I’ve found Andruw to be a bit standoffish as well. Doesn’t make him a bad guy, it’s just the way he is.

    But honestly, who among us that was in a nightclub with five women would I care what some random dude had to say?

  10. why was he with 5 women…he’s married and has a family at home…that doesnt make sense….i hope he’s not “that type” of guy to cheat and all….if so i’ll lose all respect

  11. I love the “doesn’t make him a bad guy, it’s just the way he is” remark. Well, using that logic, killing people didn’t make Charles Manson a bad guy, ’cause that’s just the way he was. If Andruw’s a jerk and/or if he’s cheating on his wife, it’s okay to say that he’s a bad guy.

  12. It’s probably just not worth the hassle and ensuing disappointment to assume that any pro athlete is a good guy. That may not be completely fair, but it’s probably a safe way to play it.

  13. Ah, before everyone goes jumping to conclusions, Why can’t one of those five ladies be his wife. Just because you are married to a lady doesn’t mean she can’t still be fine.

  14. AS long as he hits balls out of the park and makes great plays in center, I don’t care who he goes to the club with, wife or not.

  15. Think Oakland would give back Chucky T. for Jordan? I don’t know why they’d want Jordan, but Thomas would be a good guy to have as a post season option.

  16. Thomas has been absolutely awful this year, in Oakland and in Sacramento. He’s drawing some walks but not nearly enough to make up for hitting .245 with little power. Think Kelly Johnson’s batting average with Pete Orr’s power.

  17. I’m just thinking more about someone with some speed and defensive ability. Someone more useful than Jordan as a 5th OF in a series, but better Esix Snead or Kerry Robinson.

  18. That was before I looked and saw that he only had 3 steals last year. He was efficient (only one CS), but I would have expected a bigger number with his apparent foot speed. Maybe not such a hot option then… not that it really mattered much.

  19. Isn’t Andruw married? Never will understand professional athletes sense of entitlement. I guess if is possible that these women were just friends of his…hopefully we don’t have Ron Mexico, Jr. roaming CF for us.

  20. I can’t believe Andruw would be unfaithful to his beautiful wife! Why, he’s a daddy, not a player!

  21. marriage rules do not apply to athletes, and their wives know it. it’s a trade off. i give you the lifestyle you’ve always wanted, you look the other way. the beauty of being rich and famous.

  22. Wow, he is married. I had no idea. And he has 2 kids, too, one of whom does not appear to be with said wife.

    Why does she put up with this crap? Chipper’s wife sure didn’t.

  23. Isn’t it obvious? I mean, Andruw’s a good enough looking fellow, but that’s not why he gets to squire around five beautiful women, and it may not be what got him married. Sounds like it’s not his conversational skills, either.

    Those of us without millions of bucks and nationwide fame have no choice but to develop a personality in order to find and keep a mate. The rules are different for him, just like they’ve been different for rich, famous men throughout history. I don’t pity the wife — she’s got to know the deal. She’ll put up with it until she doesn’t, I suppose.

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