67 thoughts on “Game Thread: July 15, Braves at Mets”

  1. I’m at the game and my buddy bailed on me – anyone need a ticket? Couldn’t sell it to save my life these mets fans are so cheap.

  2. He’s so good at that… reminds me of “mysterious back injury” from many years ago.

  3. Did you guys see him in the dugout yesterday, though? He didn’t look so good to me.

  4. Okay – I am blind drunk on caipirinhas in Lisbon and can’t seem to get gamecast working. How are we doing?

  5. Although not recently (there’s a Shakespeare line in there somewhere), I’ve had hangovers that made me look like I was ill. Always made it easier to explain when I was younger(summer cold Ma… I’ll be up and at ’em tomorrow). Giles looked a bit like that yesterday–so, (since I’m not a Turner South person), does Giles have a bounce in his step today?

  6. From up here on the mezz, Giles looks like shit. Sluggish, a dumb error. And he looks pretty short.

  7. Bobby will not squeeze when everybody is expecting it.

    Glavine is lucky today. Andruw missed two inside pitches from Glavine which he should destroy…

  8. Squandered a big chance there. Although, you’re hands are kind of tied in that situation with a pitcher batting and the runner at first not having great speed.

  9. When is Giles going to grow some patience at the plate?!?! Two first pitch swinging outs….

  10. Although Betemit also groundout, at least he made Glavine worked. Giles should learn some patience from Betemit…

  11. Does anyone besides me think CSi-Miami is the most unintentionally hilarious show on TV? Lifw’s hell when you can’t get the ballgame

  12. I hate cheering errors, but I was openly cheering that one. That run was essential.

  13. It was a pretty hard shot to short, but Reyes probably should have had it. I guess when the ball takes your fingernail off, they score it a hit.

  14. Betemit hit a ball hard to the 2B side of Reyes. It took a bad hop and bounced off his hand, scoring the run with 2 outs. Reyes ended up bleeding where it hit him, and he had to be taped.

    It looked like an error to me, but both announcers were calling it a hit, so I guess it was a good score.

  15. How about (K)olb tonight and not Kol(BB)…someone must’ve used that one before.

  16. I can’t believe they brought Kolb out. Bobby must be visiting those masochist sites on the internet again.

    And, as I type, right off the bat … base hit.

  17. Whew. Take a deep breath.

    I still get nervous when Kolb’s out there. Especially when he puts the first batter on.

    But, hey, what do I know? He got out of the inning.

  18. I think somebody mentioned this before and I think he is so right. The Braves are dying to trust Dan Kolb.

  19. Furcal, a triple and a double along with 2 walks.
    Cant ask for much more from your lead off man.

  20. CBS thingy says Reitsma’s in the pen.

    Kolb didn’t close tonight, BUT he did pitch in a game that Smoltz started and was winning. This is important, folks. Forget Grybo’s job, Kolb is a few days away from being Kloser :)

  21. They just showed Reitsma on TV but I didn’t hear what was said. If I’m the Braves, I have Foster at pitch to Cliff Floyd, then go with Reitsma for Piazza, Wright, et al.

  22. I was just playing a video game earlier this evening where the Mets beat me (Braves) with a three-run home run by Wright in the bottom of the ninth.

    I will cry if it happens for real.

  23. 4-6-3, two outs. Nice play by Giles, Franco came off the bag to make the tag on Piazza.

  24. Someone asked about Francoeur earlier. Went 2-for-4 with a double off the center field wall. He may be up to stay.

  25. If anyone has DirecTV, WSH/MIL on channel 744.

    Right now, Milwaukee had one of the worst fielding plays in the history of baseball, but the Nats just had Wilson tagged out at home on a 9-2 double play. Outfield assist, Milwaukee announcers going nuts!

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