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  1. Question for the forum:

    Horacio tonight vs. Benson
    Smoltz v. Glavine tomorrow (wow..old school!)
    Hudson vs. Zambrano Sat.
    Hampton vs. Pedro Sunday

    the question…since we can all assume Kyle Davies was likely sent down, who is still IN the rotation…Colon (hopefully) or Sosa?

  2. Two people have to go, and I imagine it’s either Davies and Colon, Davies and Bernero or Colon and Bernero. If Davies goes down, Sosa stays in the rotation. Otherwise he goes back to the pen and doesn’t become part of the “close and late” crew.

    My preference would be for Davies to go down, Bernero to be released, Sosa to keep his rotation spot and Colon to go to the pen and hopefully pick up where he left off starting. I know that’s counter-intuitive, but I think that Sosa could be a good starter and Colon can be a very good reliever (and I suspect that’s how the organization sees it, but I certainly don’t know).

    My guess is that Davies will stay, Sosa will go back to the pen (and again not be used in “close and late” situations), Colon will be sent back down and Bernero will be released. Oh, and that Kolb will have a true save opp in the next 5 days :)

  3. creynolds, I agree about Davies going back down and Bernero getting released. I am just 100% unconvinced that Colon can be an effective reliever. Stick with him in the rotation since Sosa has proven he can be effective in both places, right?

  4. Well, I can’t blame you for not being 100%, he sure was miserable as all hell earlier. I worry about Sosa’s walks in the pen. Damage control seems easier for a starter, and he’s going to need to be doing a lot of that if he doesn’t quit walking so many people. But mostly it goes back to my “Cox Slot” theory that looks to have Sosa as a starter and Colon as a reliever. Also, if Colon can get his act together as a reliever, he’d be a nasty one.

  5. My preference would be for Davies to go down, Bernero to be released, Sosa to keep his rotation spot and Colon to go to the pen and hopefully pick up where he left off starting

    This would be my preference as well (as I’ve posted before). Sosa has the potential to be real good if he can sharpen his control a shade. He’s a lot more likely to do that by working regularly every fifth day than he is by throwing three innings a week. Now that he has his confidence back, there is no reason Colon can’t be at least acceptable as a long man out of the pen.

  6. I am not too worried about how they will handle Davies, Colon and Sosa…the key is releasing Bernero. I will scream if they don’t…

  7. I don’t know. Colon has gotten into first-inning trouble in two of his four starts. Small Sample Size, I know.

    They don’t have to make the decision until after Friday’s game anyway.

  8. Davis may well be kept. He is doing what you would expect a young 5th starter to do, … It is just a 1/2 year earlier than the Braves anticipated it. He will NOT be put in the bullpen.

    But, will the Braves keep 12 or 11 pitchers? If Hudson and Hampton show signs that they are, in fact, OK, there may be another pitcher off the roster, and Marte may be kept when Chipper comes back.

  9. Marte definately needs to go back when Chipper comes back if not sooner. I have no idea why we are burning service time with these guys (Marte, McCann, Francoeur) so they can be pinch hitters. It can’t be good for their development.

  10. I agree that Marte needs playing time. But Chipper has proven to be fragile lately, and you can keep Marte for a little while just in case. When the need arises for a 12th pitcher, then you can option him back … assuming that Chipper is still operational.

  11. Reitsma is unavailable…Skip & Pete say that Kolbis the closer if we need one tonight. The horror!

  12. According to Gameday, Marcus was on deck and Pete Orr was at 2B, meaning they had 10 people in the lineup. I love Gameday :-(


  13. Gotta be something that is not the flu. WHo the heck gets the flu in July?!? That is the traditional code for ‘partied too hard last night’. They ARE in New York….

  14. He has a 2-year-old daughter. Lots of players catch random bugs from their kids. It’s plausible.

  15. I listened to the Brewers game on the Internet this afternoon. According to Uecker, Kolb told them that he missed talking to Mike Maddux, and felt that not having that “link” had really impacted him this year (my words).

    Leo is the best (in my opinion) … but sometimes communication is very individual – take Chipper and his dad.

  16. Did you enjoy listening to Ucke? I grew up in Wisconsin…. LOVED listening to the Brew Crew with him calling the games. Better than watching. Esp. in 1982 when they went to the World Series v. Cards.

  17. Kris Benson’s picture looks freakishly like Tom Glavine. At first I thought they had him labelled wrong. Scary!

  18. I listen to the Brew games because I like Uke … Even when he strays off topic, he come back … unlike my most “unfavorate” sportscaster (gasp to use the word in the same sentance) … Jon Miller.

  19. Thats when Ucker is at his best… keeping the listener laughing when the game is not so good. I’ll never forget listening to him the game after George Brett’s pine tar HR…. he was HILARIOUS….and the game was out of hand. I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time.

  20. I have definitely missed something or not been paying attention. How did Furcal get up to .254?

  21. With all the absolutely horrible broadcasters out there Jon Miller is your least favorite? That’s a new one.

    You must not get FOX! where you live.

  22. 1-0 Mets. David Wright bomb. I am really getting tired of HoRam’s outings…except for that one CG.

  23. Between Fox, and Jon Miller, I stopped watching TV. Thank you, Internet, for all the games. Fox is beyond bad, but Miller is the absolute worst regular broadcaster I have ever heard. (And I hated Dizzy Dean).

  24. Jon Miller’s your problem? I think Joe Morgan is much, much worse, besides that whole pronunciation thing (FOURcal, Ondroo, Baytamit, etc.). He’s arrogant and his voice is really grating.

  25. I guess you’ve never caught a White Sox game on WGN either. I like Jon Miller a lot, but I understand that a lot of people don’t. I don’t understand how he could be the worst as long as Ken Harelson is calling games… or even as long as recording of that exits. And there are many others.

  26. Ken Harelson is a very close second …… I almost mentioned it. I grew up a Sox fan. And it pains me to think that Harelson is even associated with them. (He was a good player, but needs to do something else for his current paycheck).

  27. The White Sox team is the ABSOLUTE worst. I used to enjoy watching the cubs Chip/Stone… I am estatic that we go Chip on board.

  28. Morgan is not the best … but I have heard him with other broadcasters and he is at least acceptable (in current terms, which isn’t saying much). One of baseballs big problems is presentation … the TV announcers do a horrible job of presenting the game in an interesting fashion. But then … I stopped watching TV three years ago.

  29. I like the “One First Rate City, One First Rate Douche” banner. But somebody has too much time on their hands. This is way more sophisticated than firedankolb.com or dankolbsucks.com

  30. Chip is great … I thought Stone was good, but he tends to “stray” now … …. I love his enthusiasm for his team.

  31. Let me switch topics a bit. I’ve been following the Furcal discussions on this site. I have a question. Who out there is going to sign Furcal in the off season … When I go thru the “money” teams, they all seem to be “ok” at shortstop …. He may not get a lot, even though it is a “thin” year for SS free agents … is it possible he might be back?

  32. I would think Seattle would be interested. The Orlando Cabrera experiment hasn’t worked out in Anahiem. The Cubs. The White Sox maybe. The Cards might figure out that David Eckstein is actually David Eckstein. And of course there are the Nats who may or may not have some money.

    He’ll do quite well. Just not here.

  33. Rather, what do you think he will command on the free agent market?
    From anyone?

  34. The Cards have figured out that David Eckstein is David Eckstein, and I think they like it just fine. I don’t think he belonged at the ASG, necessarily, but he’s a good player.

    If Furcal goes to the Nats I will scream. I’d get to see him…no wait, I’m moving out…scratch that. I’ll just scream.

  35. I can think of a few suitors for Furcal. I don’t know every team’s prospects, though:

    White Sox – they’re probably souring on Uribe
    Cubs – depending on Nomar
    Mariners – I don’t buy this Morse kid, but maybe they do
    Marlins – depending on Alex Gonzales
    Dodgers – iffy, I know. But Izturis isn’t wearing well.
    Indians – if they decide that Peralta should be at third.
    Astros – he’d probably be an improvement
    Rangers – if they lost Soriano and wanted to get Young back to second.

  36. There’s some question on each of those, but I think there’s at least potential interest a lot of places.

  37. The Braves forum (well, one guy) has a conspiracy theory on Giles and thinks this benching is part of a larger scheme of troubles and that he’s in the doghouse. I haven’t noticed anything amiss. Has anyone?

  38. The only “big” spenders on this list are the Cubs (I think they will re-sign Nomar), the Dodgers (they will stick with Izturis, in my opinion, and the Rangers – I think the Braves can compete with the others.

    Your reply is posted as follows – many thanks for your thoughts. You have a major point on Texas though, depending on how their owner’s “day” is going.

    White Sox – they’re probably souring on Uribe
    Cubs – depending on Nomar
    Mariners – I don’t buy this Morse kid, but maybe they do
    Marlins – depending on Alex Gonzales
    Dodgers – iffy, I know. But Izturis isn’t wearing well.
    Indians – if they decide that Peralta should be at third.
    Astros – he’d probably be an improvement
    Rangers – if they lost Soriano and wanted to get Young back to second.

  39. How could anyone who is a Braves fan or in the Braves org. sour on Giles?????

  40. Did I hear right? Wright is 7 for 10 with 4 homers against HoRam? Wow, HoRam sucks.

  41. Top 20 announcers as polled by XM sat.

    Following is the top 20 list as voted on by fans :

    1. Harry Caray

    2. Vin Scully

    3. Bob Uecker

    4. Mel Allen

    5. Dizzy Dean

    6. Ernie Harwell

    7. Joe Garagiola

    8. Phil Rizzuto

    9. Jack Buck

    10. Curt Gowdy

    11. Red Barber

    12. Jack Brickhouse

    13. Al Michaels

    14. Chuck Thompson

    15. Harry Kalas

    16. Bob Murphy

    17. Rafael “Felo” Ramirez

    18. Lindsey Nelson

    19. Milo Hamilton

    20. Russ Hodges

  42. Remember, too, that Furcal has played a good bit of 2B in his career, and pretty well. It would be a waste of his skills, but someone like the Yankees might sign him to play 2B and lead off.

  43. Yankees are pretty enamored with Robinson Cano. And I would scream even louder if he went to the Yanks. A lot of teams don’t have good 2Bs, though, so this is a good point you make. What a waste of his arm, though!

    Okay, it’s rally time!

  44. They also have to be thinking about Jeter in center if they can’t trade for anybody with at least another year on his contract.

  45. Why not? Good speed, good glove, great athlete, not a particularly good SS, though. Seems worth a shot, although I know that speed does not necessarily equal range in the OF.

    Save opp for Kolb, baby!

  46. Well, because you can get good center fielders … good shortstops are harder to find. With the Yankee’s money they can “buy” a center fielder or get one from their farm club in Kansas City (if they have one).

  47. Watch out. Cashman reads this thread, and suddenly, we’re reading:

    “Tampa Bay trades Carl Crawford to the New York Yankees for cash.”

  48. They should have pulled Ramirez earlier this inning. His control was clearly going, and Boyer was already warmed up in the bullpen.

  49. Even Horacio doesn’t want Danny to get a save. I’m starting to feel sorry for him.

  50. I mean, sure, have him bunt. He’s only hitting like .400 over the last 2 weeks. Geez.

  51. ANOTHER bunt in the middle of the order. WTF? In the words of my good pal Xerxes, “there are no mistakes left for us to make!”.

  52. Maybe losing to the Mets isn’t so bad. Wilpon will think they really have a shot, and trade their prospects for people like Al Leiter.

  53. I dolefully predicted the Piazza homer to my wife. Oh well.

    The Yankees have a good shortstop – he’s playing third base.

  54. They have the best one since Honus Wagner. I just wonder if he’ll ever make it back. You gotta figure that a guy as big as he is will be firmly entrenched at third before long.

  55. Well…..that sucked.

    I don’t know why I haven’t thought of this before, but isn’t the obvious trade bait Johnny Estrada? I mean, why keep McCann up to catch once a week? Think of what Johnny could fetch on the open market….umm…well he could probably get us something. Ideal situation for me would be:
    Johnny Estrada
    Wilson Betemit
    Horacio Ramirez
    Felipe Lopez
    Austin Kearns
    Kent Mercker(because he seems like the one the Braves would target)

    Then, we flip Furcal for another or something, say:
    Glendon Rusch
    Corey Patterson

    That would be fun, no?

    **I realize this is ridiculous and unrealistic. I also realize that Felipe Lopez isn’t this good, and the Reds probably would never trade him anyway. But I’m just searching for a reason why we have our top 3 prosects on the bench.**

  56. I’m convinced that Estrada is a goner. Just not until Winter. Same with LaRoche.

  57. I think Ramirez (or maybe Davies), LaRoche, and Estrada will all be trade bait this winter. Betemit, Langerhans, and Brayan Pena will probably also be available for the right deal.

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