Game Thread: July 16, Braves at Mets

Let’s see what happens. Well, those of us with Turner South. If Gamecast, etc. die (as they often do weekends) we’ll try to keep the rest of you informed of the happenings.

44 thoughts on “Game Thread: July 16, Braves at Mets”

  1. Kelly Johnson maybe coming out of his slump? I’m not one to preach “aggressiveness” but sometimes it seems like he either hits the first ball or works it to 2-2 only to strikeout or ground weakly to second. And not to sound like Joe Simpson, but maybe he needs to hit to the opposite field a little more often.

  2. Meanwhile, Ned Yost learned well from Bobby Cox in the field of “random sacrifices with your best hitters”, having Weeks bunt with nobody out, a runner on second, and Overbay coming up.

  3. Question for everyone. At the Brewers – Nats game last night Chad Moeller had hit a ball which hit on top of the yellow line and bounced back into the field of play. I didn’t hear this while at the game, but found out later that this wasn’t a homerun because field rules stipulate a ball must clear the fence. This rule only applies to MillerPark and may not be the same at all ballparks. Why would MillerPark or any park have different sets of rules on something like this? The crowd definetly thought it was a homerun, and the umpires bore the brunt of it.

  4. anyone know whats with the wombat thing on the radio broadcast? joe and skip keep using wombat in sentences- not just this game.

  5. Sosa’s still in the rotation. Chip says they named him the starter against the Giants.

    Does this mean Davies is being sent down and Colon goes to the pen? Braves moves confuse me.

  6. I think it is Chip Carey, but they just said Sosa will pitch on Monday. So, Davies is going back to Richmond for sure. Let’s see what they will do with Colon.

    BTW, why is Estrada not playing?

  7. On TV before the game started, they mentioned something about a minor injury. (Back, I think.)

    Estrada should be good to go for the next game.

  8. Thanks JoeyT. I don’t mind playing McCann more though. As Estrada will be entering arbitration years this offseason, we will need to find out if McCann is indeed ready.

  9. “but sometimes it seems like he either hits the first ball or works it to 2-2 only to strikeout”

    Good call

  10. Kelly Johnson is entering into his adjustment period. The league is catching up on his tendency, now it’s time for him to make adjustments.

  11. Those guys are nutty. It’s how Joe keeps his job :)

    I wonder if pitcher’s have figured out how to fool KJ late in the count. Or maybe he’s guessing with 2 strikes. Either way, it’s getting a bit worrisome.

  12. Estrada’s also suspended, so if he’s hurt, then this would be the time to serve it.

    Did Huddy come out for precautionary reasons or did he look tender out there?

  13. Nope, he’s appealing, so he’ll be serving it some other time (unless he wins the appeal).

    I agree, though, since he’s out two games anyway, why not serve it immediately? He might be actually appealing on principle.

  14. Hudson didn’t look tender. I think they just don’t want to overextend him his first start back from injury.

    Also, he looked a little shaky in the last inning he pitched, but I think it’s mostly just trying to work him back into starting shape.

  15. Methinks Brower was an excellent acquisition.

    BTW, don’t they usually hear appeals in New York? Why hasn’t Estrada’s case already been resolved then?

  16. I was out of the room, so I didn’t hear the reason for not hearing the appeal immediately. When I came back, they were babbling about videoconfrencing the appeal and not giving the Mets and Yanks the benefit of all appealed absenses. That could have just been the announcers going off on a tangent, though.

  17. Thanks Joey, I was thinking and hoping that’s why they brought him out. 14 of 18 outs by groundout, so he looks to be in pretty normal in his mechanics. Like you said, he needs to just work back into game shape.

    Boyer and Brower have both been good for Atlanta. The bullpen is starting to come around. Hopefully, with the addition of Sosa, it will get even meaner.

    …c’mon boys let’s add to the lead here…

  18. He should have taken the suspension. Dumb.

    I think that Colon and Davies will both be sent down, one tomorrow and the other whenever Chipper is activated.

  19. What’s the over/under on how many scoreless innings Kolb has to have before we stop getting the shakes every time he’s on the mound?

  20. It’s feels weird to appreciate and respect the efforts of Kolb, but that’s what happens when he appearances are this quiet.

  21. Graves just threw it to right field trying to throw out Furcal on a bunt.


  22. Continuing annals of the Natspos giving up runs in dumb ways… Two out, runners first and third, Miller strikes out. On a wild pitch. He reaches first, the runner from third scores. Tie game. Remember, Miller is a 35-year-old catcher.

  23. That insurance is huge. Reitsma can still allow a hit, or any type of baserunner, and not tighten up.

  24. Jose Guillen just hit a single to center to drive in two runs making it 5-3 nationals. Top 7th. Next batter retired, they goto the bottom of the 7th

  25. Ballgame. Braves win 3-0.

    BTW, Nats lead 5-3 in the 7th.

    Question: Is Carlos Beltran this generation’s Buster Douglas? He set himself financially for life with one big month, but hasn’t done crap since.

  26. I’m into the kolb is ‘okay’ club. Hes pitched rather well. It’s that mental aspect he MUST keep. Looked good tonight at least (as good as a groundball pitcher can look i guess, save the whole -10 feet from a home run ball)

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