205 thoughts on “Game Thread: August 24, Braves at Cubs”

  1. Anything is better than Hampton. At least we have a chance now. Of course Thomson toasted the bullpen yesterday, so that won’t help.

    Finishing fourth is going to suck.

  2. So WHAT happened to HAMPTON?

    It would also help to have a LITTLE offense.

    Are Griffey and Wagner still available? ;-)

  3. Too bad they put Hampton on the DL. Otherwise, we could have had a GRIFFEY FOR HAMPTON deadline waver deal.

  4. Terrence Moore would be wetting himself if something like that ever happened. He may explode… which might make it all worthwhile.

    I’m hoping that the WGN feed isn’t blocked out here in Middle Tennessee. I’m looking forward to the break from Tom “multiple-O” Paciorek.

  5. What does everyone think about this trade for next year?

    Thompson, Hampton, Brower, Kolb, Reitsma, and Bernero for whoever…

  6. Why on earth would the Pirates want to take on all that salary for two over-30 guys coming off of injury?

    Also, I’m okay with getting rid of all those guys except for Reitsma.

  7. Julio’s got to get the start today right? Please Bobby give me some hope. I need a day off from LaSuck. Plus Julio took Prior deep last time.

  8. I was being facetious, there is no way the pirates will give up Duke, I just really wan’t him in a braves uni.

  9. Wasn’t aubrey huff on the block last month? he could have possibly plugged a hole in the line up, i know he’s having a rough year now, but he definetly has power.

  10. I haven’t seen the list of claimed players, but I don’t think there’s any chance that Huff cleared wavers.

  11. has one heard if the Braves are bringing someone up for Hampton. I wouldnt mind seeing either McBride to fill Sosa’s spot in the bullpen. Or bringing up Davies and letting Sosa stay in the pen to set up Farnsworth

  12. How about a bat?

    This team was almost blanked by Jerome Williams. I’d rather see a new bat than another arm.

  13. does anyone know why these guys haven’t been promoted from single A ball this year

    Matt Harrison
    11-6 3.37ERA 149 Innings 105 SO 28 BB

    James Parr
    13-3 3.30ERA 114 Innings 90 SO 22 BB

    not sure why they haven’t moved to either AA or AAA

  14. Does anybody else think Andruw Jones is swinging harder as the season progresses, by September they’ll have to start digging him out of the batters box

  15. Perfect hit & run single. Sosa in trouble early, although he is keeping the ball down so far. Maybe get a GIDP?

  16. I like how they answered my request. :) Maybe that works better than jinxing, Mac.

  17. The magic continues. It may not be encouraging for the future, but the way Sosa’s managed to get out of trouble so many times this year has been pretty impressive.

  18. Press pass notes says McBride. Also mentions that The Freak is the first Braves rookie to be on the cover of SI.

  19. Did they update that or something? I looked earlier, and it was definitely the one for today, but I couldn’t find it. I guess I only checked the first couple of pages… and since there’s no search I could have just missed it.

  20. I got the audio feed in time to hear the Braves radio guys say that Devine is the first pitcher ever to give up two slams in first two games. Wonder how he feels about *that* fun fact.

  21. CR, it was in the bullpen section (page 3?), his paragraph is there and the first line of the notes says he was recalled for Hampton.

  22. Ways to make outs:

    Foul out
    Strikeout, swinging
    Strikeout, looking
    Strikeout, two-strike pitch bunted foul
    Hit by batted ball
    Caught stealing
    Running past another baserunner

    How many will we see today?

  23. It seems to me like the Braves have screwed up more bunts this year than any other season I can remember.

  24. Oh, I forgot the Infield Fly Rule, but that would require getting at least two baserunners on, so seems unlikely.

    Force out
    Thrown out trying to advance an extra base

  25. How about out on appeal for leaving a base too early (advancing on fly out)? Or missing a base?

  26. Graves got DFA’d, and Buster Olney notes that he feels Graves should have signed with the Braves, he would have had more margin for error (whatever that means). Why not just say he could have learned from Leo?

  27. Prior will give you baserunners if you sit up there and take some pitches and foul some off, like McCann and Giles (in his first AB) did. The Braves’ best chance is to get Prior’s pitch count up so that Dusty Baker has to think about pulling him somewhere around 150.

  28. Prior will give up some homers too, if the hitters stay patient.

    Bummer, Walker is on fire right now.

  29. Well it is probably better that we go through this funk before September hits. Usually we hit this funk around October. We will get through it

  30. So, it was at .145 before Andruw’s hit. :) At least they are making Prior work a bit, he’s up to 65 pitches already.

  31. Of course, it’s in vain. This is getting scary. You guys can talk about October slumps, but if they don’t turn this around soon there won’t be any chance at an October slump.

  32. that’s another good inning from sosa…I think i’d rather have him and davies in the rotation right now than thomson and hampton

  33. listening to the game on XM Radio, which is the Cubs radio broadcast. I can’t believe they let this homer bozo color man do the games when he sounds like someone is stabbing him every time something bad happens to the Cubs. Its infuriating.

  34. I wouldn’t say this if YBS were an alternative, but the WGN guys aren’t bad and make for a nice little change of pace with a different perspective. Doesn’t Santo do Cubs radio? Is that who you’re talking about.

  35. Before the cub series we scored 33 runs in the last 6 games. That’s 5+ a game, I hardly see how we are in a “slump”. It’s just a couple of games, hardly justifying cries of “trade for a bat” or “OMG SLUMP”.

  36. THANK YOU grst for a voice of reason.

    I understand the frustration, but these things happen!!!

  37. I don’t mind a different perspective, and I have enjoyed watching the WGN telecasts over the years. But the guttural “ohhh”‘s and “gah”‘s get old. I just don’t think its very professional. I guess it must be Santo. I know he was a very likeable player, but I’m not sure I would like that even if I was a Cub fan.

  38. Very nice bunt from Freanceour. A walk and a bunt hit, he’s really working on that versatility today, heh.

  39. Yeah, don’t know a thing about him as a broadcaster. Gary Gillette said he was good, but he’s said plenty of stupid things in my brief exposure to him. So I don’t put any weight on that. I don’t even like that sorta thing for Braves’ broadcasters… which is why I’m watching WGN.

    Hey, maybe we’re in business!

  40. I missed the first four innings of this game(stupid class), so I missed “the walk.” And now things are finally looking up.

    Lets go Brian!

  41. Michael, yeah, that is Santo – he lives & dies with the Cubs. It is pretty annoying.

  42. Too bad LaRoche is on deck and not at the plate. I’d take one of his DPs right now :)

  43. For those of us without a tv in the office, what exactly happened on the Furcal infield single?

  44. Furcal hit a screamer to D. Lee, it went off his glove toward second, and Walker’s throw was late to get Langerhans.

    I think that’s about it.

  45. Hit hard to Lee, he got a glove on it and it trickled out towards the second baseman’s position. He picked it up and threw home too late to get Langerhans.

  46. Good hustle by Langerhans to score on that, too. Have to like seeing that when the team is struggling at the plate.

    And another steal by Furcal, he’s catching up to Andruw… And Giles!

  47. Also, I’m glad to see Dusty is up to his old usage tricks with Prior. I think 130 pitches is enough, Mr. Baker.

  48. How can they leave Prior in so long? Doesn’t Baker remember the playoffs against the Marlins?

  49. 130+ pitches for Prior – good job, Dusty, close the gate after the cow’s gone.

  50. I’ma go check Game Chatter on Primer; I think there are a lot of Cubs fans there. Should be a lot of very nice, complimentary things to say about Dusty.

  51. Choice quotes:

    # Posted by jolietconvict on August 24, 2005 at 04:19 PM (#1569652)

    I #### knew it. It was too good to be true that he could get out of that inning. I #### hate this #### team.

    # Posted by Phlegm Snopes on August 24, 2005 at 04:20 PM (#1569654)

    How #### predictable was that?

    # Posted by Phlegm Snopes on August 24, 2005 at 04:25 PM (#1569681)

    Dusty Baker should be fukking shot.

    # Posted by Let’s Play the Feud! (UCCF) on August 24, 2005 at 04:27 PM (#1569690)

    Finally. A run-scoring single on pitch 132. That’s a surprise to… well, to Dusty. Probably not to most anyone else.

    It’s times like this that I wish we carried 12 pitchers so we’d have plenty of arms to come in in this kind of situation.

    Or at least that Williams had been able to go deep in the game yesterday so that the bullpen was rested.

    Or that we had an off day tomorrow.

    If only even one of those had been true, Dusty might have been able to bring in a reliever to start the 7th, or at least after Prior let the first two on, or at least after he gave up the lead…

  52. Just got here for the rally. But in looking at the box score, it appears the run in the first off Sosa was called an earned run. How can a guy who is safe on an error and scores, be an earned run. Did anyone hear an explination of this?

  53. please leave boyer in…
    lets go braves, lets go
    I’ve been listening to that kid chant all game and felt I needed to counter him!!!

  54. Bipolar, Sosa’s run wasn’t in the first, it was in the 3rd, and was earned (Lawton walked, stole 2nd, and was doubled home).

  55. if we have a chance to score here and need to pinch hit, then I wouldn’t mind seeing mcbride

  56. Maybe The Freak is trying to turn that SI jinx around – 2 hits to break his slump and his first walk today.

  57. I had the (mis)fortune of attending the CUbs game last night, one of a handful of Braves supporters. Cubs fans truly suck. Those few that are paying attention to the game are oblivious to the fact that they are 18 games out of their division and spend the game trash talking the Braves outfielders. Andruw kept looking back at us in the CF bleachers and laughing. Then he cranked one to Waveland Ave. I told my friend if I caught that ball they would have to pry it from my hands to throw it back.

    I hope we take the series. F the Cubs.

  58. where are we at:

    according to MLB Foster is pitching to Langerhans w/ bases loaded and no outs. I’m not sure but I dont think this is it!

  59. Yeah, I kinad lost track and didn’t even know who’d been pitching. I don’t know why I ever bothering to try to do any work during the games… it just blows my focus completely :)

  60. I don’t want to get too far ahead, but I really like the boyer (8th) Farnsworth (9th) combo. They are both throwin some heat.

  61. Meet your new closer. It wasn’t exactly pretty (unitl Barrett), but I think it’s settled… for now.

  62. hey and that was against his former team too, if he can keep his head cool and leo can keep his pitches around the plate, he’s dangerous

  63. player of the game….. Mike Hampton! that a boy Sosa, give this man a raise and a new contract…

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