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  1. I’m sure Langerhans had a lot of ideas on how this season could play out for him. I’ll bet one scenario he didn’t consider is that he would end up as a platoon player against lefties. I can’t remember the last time I saw a lefty batter platoon against lefties for an extended period of time. One of the many unique things about the Braves season.

  2. Hello! Oh yeah!

    Anybody willing to do a count on Paciorek to see which he says more tonight?

  3. Skip and Pete on radio for those willing to know the result of a pitch about a half second before the wind up starts on TV.

  4. Does anybody else have this sinking feeling that Ramirez is about to get thrashed by the Reds lineup?

  5. Giles just took an 0-2 pitch that looked like an obvious strike, but nobody flinched when it was called a ball. Then I noticed the camera angle, which is significantly left of center field. Is it the Fox camera crew, or was it the same yesterday? In other words, who should I hate about this, the crew or the ballpark?

  6. I would imagine it’s the ballpark. There are only so many places designated for cameras.

    Just a guess, though.

  7. From Radio: Bobby expects Chipper back in the next couple of days. He may be available to pinch hit as soon as tomorrow.

    Take THAT, Will Carroll

  8. Don’t be too optimistic, Joey. this is Bobby we are talking about :)

    Talking of Fox employees, anyone notice the Derek Lowe piece?

  9. I am only getting Cleveland – NY. Berman makes me want to jab knitting needles in my ears.

  10. I haven’t seen a picture of her yet.

    Oh, wait, by “piece” you porbably meant written or broadcast information. Sorry… now back to the game.

  11. Fox has pulled her off the air here in LA. Obviously in preperation for the reality show.

  12. whoa Mac, no more unilateral hatred for Fox Employees :)
    Fox is good at sweeping such things away. haven’t heard about that Bill o Reilly case in a long time!

    this is going offtopic! sorry. Claussen is shutting us down, and looks like furcal has gone back to his homer swing.

  13. Julio is a freak.

    I know that’s been said before and it’ll be said again, but I just felt the need to say it here.

  14. I looked it up, by the way, and “Giles” is apparently derived from the Latin “∆gidius”. “Marcus Aegidius” would be a good Latin name.

  15. I looked it up, by the way, and “Giles” is apparently derived from the Latin “∆gidius”. “Marcus Aegidius” would be a good Latin name.
    Multitudes, Mac?

  16. gee thanks for the research Mac!
    this is kind of a legacy nick. haven’t used this computer to post in a while.
    Marcus Gilesius sounds more homer-ish though ;-)
    homer in a different sense!

  17. What’s the deal with Giles’ contract? Does have have another arbitration year after the season’s over?

  18. Does Horacio lead the NL in giving up home runs?

    Why didnt the stupid Red trade Dunn or Griffey? I have no sympathy for this historically cheap and racist (see marge schot) organizaiton. What a bunch of chumps.

  19. I’m pretty sure Giles is eligible for arbitration for the first time going into next season. So there’s $3 million or so added onto the payroll right there.

  20. Coming into tonight, Ramirez was tied for 6th in the NL in HR allowed.

    Milton – REDS – 31
    Lieber – Phils – 26
    Ra. Ortiz – REDS – 23
    Weaver – LA – 22
    Vazquez – Ariz – 21
    Maddux, Lowe, Fogg, Ol. Perez, and Ramirez at 20.

  21. Do I contradict myself?
    Very well then I contradict myself,
    (I am large, I contain multitudes.)

    –Walt Whitman
    “Song of Myself”

  22. It also serves as a crude reference to his physical state after viewing pictures of said mistress.

  23. Since I’m late, I have a lot of catching up to do…

    I think Marcus had arbitration last year?
    “Giles” is also “Selig” spelled backwards. Significance?
    Is Andruw standing right on home plate?
    Funny how HoRam’s initials are HR…

  24. I would not be terribly opposed to intentionally walking Dunn here.

    One run is better than four.

  25. I think Francoeur should be trying for more walks, even though he’s getting enough pitches to hit that he’s batting over .400.

  26. I just don’t see why Bobby and Leo like HoRo so much…I guess that’s why I am not a MLB manager or coach…

  27. Well, here’s some good news:

    Chipper may play against Cardinals | ajc.com

    Encouraged by how he felt Wednesday, Chipper Jones doesn’t think that he’ll be out of the lineup long.

    The Braves play the Cardinals this weekend and the Braves third baseman is not going on the disabled list and wants to be part of the showdown between the teams with the best records in the National League.

  28. Paciorek just said something along the lines of “A lot of Latin players are high ball hitters” and it struck me how commonplace such statements about Latin ballplayers are in baseball. We’ve all heard the one about Latin players being free swingers (you can’t walk your way off the island). Maybe I’m being hyper-sensitive, but in this day and age aren’t we beyond making blanket statements about a group of people based on race?

  29. Ian, maybe if we all write letters about it, we can get Paciorek fired.

    Anyone want to email Univision (in Spanish) and let them know what he said?

    This could be a huge stroke of luck.


  30. You’re not impressing me with all those basehits, Mr. Francoeur. I want to see some walks!

  31. Okay, I just emailed Fox stating my offense at what Paciorek said. Nevermind that I’m listening to Skip and Pete on the radio. Not hearing the actual broadcast never stopped anyone from complaining about Stern.

  32. I’ve tried e-mailing Fox about stuff before, like about how rude Jeanne Zelasko was to Ernie Harwell at the ASG. Nothing happened.

    Not too late for a comeback!

  33. If you anagram “Marcus Giles” into an automatic generator, it comes back with “Is large scum.” Interesting.

    Also tried: “Will the Braves win tonight”

    Came back: “Vibrant, white-hot swelling”

    Who’s going to get hurt? ;-)

  34. And “will cincinnati lose” comes back “Clinical win lies not.”

    So Cincinnati will win clinically. Is that the same thing as just winning?

    Too much info there, spike.


  35. Don’t look now but Jeff Franchise has 5 assists this year in just 16 games (including his 2 tonight). Andruw Jones has 6 in 107 games. That puts him tied for 21st in the majors. Remarkably, Manny Ramirez leads the majors with 12 and Cliff Floyd is 2nd with 10.

  36. Remember, the only outfielders that get assists are those that are unknown quantities (like Francoeur) or those with only mediocre arms. The great arms rarely get assists because only idiots run on them (but that is a sweeping generalization).

  37. Not true, Andruw had 20 assists in 1998, 14, in 97, 13 in 99.

    Junior Griffey had 6 years with more double digit assists, Tori hunter had 12 and 14 in 2000 and 2001, and was on his way to double digits again this year.

    Phillies win on a steal of home in the bottom of the 9th.

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