Early Game Thread: August 14, D-Backs at Braves

It would be nice to win the series. It would also be nice if Hampton doesn’t manage to hurt himself again.

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  1. The way the Dbacks have been hitting long balls, including one off John Thomson, the homerun strangler, I wouldn’t be surprised if Hampton gave up two or three blasts.

  2. Good thing HoHum isn’t pitching. We would at least be looking at 4 home runs…
    Who got sent down?

  3. did the braves not have to drop somebody off the 40-man when they activated thomson? the official site has 41 guys and nobody on the 60 day dl..

  4. I noticed that too. Somebody (Powell, I assume) must’ve gone on the 60-day DL. It wasn’t listed as part of the transaction, but it must be what happened.

    This could be totally meaningless, but… at least two completely seperate times on the radio yesterday, when Kyle Davies’ demotion came up, Skip said something like “he could be back sooner that 9/1 if there’s some deal made.” Like I said, it could very well be meaningless, and I don’t imagine Skip would know more than anybody else in the media, but it seemed pretty odd that he made a point of saying that more than once.

  5. Does anyone know if there has been a rule change about knocking over catchers? I never see guys plow into them when they block the plate anymore. My dad (kind of a psycho) use to always tell me in little league that I better knock the catcher on his ass if he was in my way. Nowadays, guys always try to do that hook around slide.

  6. No rules change, but if you go into the catcher you’re usually a: Going to be out, and b: Going to get hit next time up if it wasn’t a play that warranted it.

  7. no, no rule change. guys still do it, but runners don’t like getting hurt either.

    also, woo.

  8. A little late joining (hard to eat Wendy’s and type at the same time), but WOW what a blast. I love that sound.

    If Jeff doesn’t walk here, that will be 100 PA with no walks. Jeez.

  9. One of those nasty sports reporters on espn actually made good comments about the rookie braves this morning. He seemed impressed by the scouting, development, and even the management of Bobby Cox. Of course someone piped up with a smart comment concerning only one world series. That kind of remark always irritates me.

  10. Thanks guys. My dad’s favorite play was Rose in the All-Star game. It’s probably true that players today are more conscious of taking care of their bodies and if you don’t get injuried in the collision you are liable to get drilled the next time up.

  11. they’re not hard hits. he’s doing ok. if laroche wasn’t terrible with the glove he’d have had a double play in the first.

  12. They’re not hard hits. He’s doing ok.

    Maybe not, but they’re hits all the same and we’re down 3-2. I don’t buy the “not hard hits” argument. They’re making contact with everything he throws.

  13. hitters always make contact off everything hampton throws up there, why would today be any different?

  14. So how is he doing OK? He sucks today. He’s behind every hitter and they already have 7 hits after only 2 innings.

    This is going to be a bad game if he gives the lead right back every time we get it. Thomson did that yesterday and it worked out all right, but the offense can’t keep doing this.

  15. he’s an ok pitcher, that’s why. he hasn’t walked anybody and he’s given up a bunch of bleeders.

  16. Two items here:

    1) Alright, Hampton’s getting cuffed around a little bit. A few weeks ago, I heard a radio interview with Smoltz up here on WFAN. The on-air person mentioned that the Braves “are sure to get better” when Hampton & Thomson return from the DL. Smoltz was realistic: “They’re both gonna have their rough spots when they return. Don’t expect either of them to be lights-out immediately. That’s not how it works.”

    2) When someone mentions how the Braves have “only one” WS victory. I often reply that the Braves have 5 pennants & 1 WS, sure, but I ask how many times the Cards have been in the WS since LaRussa took over? How many have they won? The Mets in that time? The Phillies? The Dodgers? The Reds? The Cubs? The Padres, etc.?

    The answer for some is 1 and ZERO, the answer for most is ZERO and ZERO. Now how do the Braves look?

  17. How is it only 85 degrees in Atlanta? Up here it’s 95 already and I’m 400 miles north. And at the O’s game I went to yesterday, it was 100 degrees.

    I hate August.

  18. When Andruw, Francoeur, and Langerhans are out there, the Braves have an excellent defensive outfield.

    It’s amazing how often that’s important at critical times. We saw it against the Astros. Now we’re seeing it with the Diamondbacks.

  19. OMG. Jeff is awesome.

    And why does Bobby call him “Jeffrey?” The antithesis of a nickname.

  20. A sat Francoeur in my fantasy team today because he had been cooling off, and he was facing a righty.

    I’m so stupid.

  21. now this is what happens when a pitcher sucks. my god, i almost feel sorry for the yankee bastard.

  22. Does anyone know what that piece of music they play everytime some hits a homerun? It’s getting on my nerves!!! Although, I’d love to keep hearing it!!

  23. It’s becoming increasingly clear that Langerhans should be the everyday left fielder for the rest of the year. KJ might have a higher ceiling, but Langerhans is better both defensively and at the plate at this point. Bobby finally saw the light on Franco over LaRoche. Let’s see how many starts Langerhans starts getting.

  24. Damn, I missed it! I switched to the O’s game to see what the fans did to Raffy. Some boos, some cheers.

    So, a little late: RYAN!

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  26. This is just what I needed! My son left for Denver to attend college this morning and I have been blue. Homeruns always make me feel good.

  27. That rally song is a early hip-hop tune called “Apache” by the Sugarhill Gang (same people who did “Rapper’s Delight”).

    The refrain:

    “Apache! Jump on it!
    Jump on it!

    Sorry, I like it. It means the Braves are kicking ass.

  28. I wish we’d hurry up and score runs and get out of this inning. I have to go to the bathroom.

  29. I really like Brian McCann, but right now I think it’d be the coolest thing for him to make all the outs in this inning.

    Is that wrong of me?

  30. I mean a sample of the Shadows song in the song ububba mentioned, which could have been, in turn, sampled by the Braves.

  31. The Sugar Hill Gang tune is based on The Shadows’ original song. The stadium music, however, is definitely the Sugar Hill Gang.

    The original is more like a Dick Dale surf tune–very early 60s “Pipeline” kinda thing. The Sugar Hill tune used the same guitar signature & melody, but replayed it on a keyboard, added a breakbeat and vocals. That version was big in clubs in the early 1980s.

  32. Charlie, try either posting a link or using tinyurl.com

    Your post was cut off.

    You post links by typing <a href=”http://link.goes.here/song.mp3″>click here</a>

    You can use tinyurl.com by going to their site.

  33. Thanks. The song is having a Pavolvian effect on me, I get giddy when I hear the first few notes. And, if it being played enough to grate on me then that’s a VERY GOOD thing…

  34. LOL @ JoeyT – how many HR will Andruw end up with? Anybody think he’ll hit over 50? Time for him to seriously be considered for MVP talk?

  35. Oh and just to even things up a bit…Francoeur/Bayh 2008!! Sorry Mac, last one, we’ll be good we promise…

  36. Okay, I know the umpire’s hot and tired, but come on. Those pitches weren’t strikes. Be fair!

  37. he looks bad definitely. he might only look hurt because he’s wearing long sleeves in atlanta in august. i just didn’t like the way he was holding his arm between pitches.

  38. Ron isn’t saying anything about Palmerio…what’s the over/under on Gant being juiced back in the day?

  39. I hate to denigrate our star RF with this analogy, but his arm is like Raul Mondesi’s.


  40. Mac, do you think you could change the “questionable content” warning to something informing us what word or words are questionable?

    And, no, there’s no p0ker in my comment.

  41. ububba is compeletely right. If you download the radio show from this site, and you go to about the 1 hour 25 minute mark, you’ll hear the song. It’s identical to what’s played at Braves games, minus the vocal track.

  42. I thought Francouer was a corner back, he should be a quarterback…what an arm!!!

    By the way, how many of us believe Langerhans should be our starting leftfieder instead of Kelly Johnson?

  43. Well, I was able to comment using TypeKey. Still, I have no idea what in my last comment triggered a filter.

  44. I was looking for years juiced on Gant…I just assume he was, but whole career, half a career?

  45. He seems to hit the low and in pitch a lot better than most righties. Golfing that kind of pitch is usually a lefty specialty, esp. lefty hitters who throw righty. I think thats been a key part of this early hot streak, teams who dont have a good scounting report on him go by their gut and guess that, like a lot of RHBs, low and in isnt a strength of his and hes making him pay. Ill be curious to see how he hits once he doesnt get to golf one oncea game. Maybe he’ll only hit .330/.335/.600 instead of .400/.400/.900 or whatever

  46. His power numbers fell off in his late 30s like a normal human being so I assume he didn’t partake then, but I remember the body he had back in the days with the Braves…freakish…

  47. Adam is really swinging at crappy pitches. Kind of like Francoeur, except he can’t hit any of them while Jeff can, thereby vindicating himsef.

  48. Looks like most of the Braves fans are sticking it out in Turner field. Up here in NYC if the Mets are down or up by 8 in the middle innings half the stadium empties..

  49. WTF is Chip talking about? The Orioles are playing the Blue Jays, not the Athletics. Is he stupid? Barry Zito? What?

  50. Am I the only one who has noticed that none of the NL leader tallies list Derrek Lee whatsoever? I’m sure he’s had more than enough ABs to qualify, so I wonder why TBS isn’t showing him there.

    HRam in the game, maybe this’ll be a tandem start type of finish — Hampton 5ip, Horacio 4ip. Spares us from Kolb, at least.

  51. If Langerhans and KJ’s offensive output is similar, Langarhans should be starting because he is a better defender.

  52. Oh, they stopped the game early are just takingsome BP now I see….

    …oh no, thats jsut Horacio pitching, nevermind

  53. I think by sending Rameriz to the bullpen, it’s a sign that the Braves are realizing he is not good enough for us.

    Boy…Chip and Joe Simpson combination is just not working…or Chip is simply not as entertaining as his dad…

  54. “Really? I could be a long reliever, then! Cool!”

    Im pretty good at walking guys myself, though I think ill need to work on my Igloo punching before Im ready for tryout camp. I really fkked my hand up last time i went after a peice of poor helpless plastic as a scapegoat for my bad control

  55. Okay, the link works. And it sounds way better on the PA system. That is a song I would never voluntarily listen to.

  56. Thanks Jenny. Cool song. I wish they played a little more of it after the home runs. The bongo stuff is nice…

  57. I’m sorry. HoRam sucks. This thing with giving up bombs on pitches right down the middle has to stop immediately. 23 HRs? He’s lucky we scored 13 runs.

  58. I like the shot in the dugout of Bobby shaking his head, and Leo, while rocking, nodding his head in agreement.

    Even they, who have worked with him for years, just cannot believe how bad Ramirez is.

  59. Here’s a positive: the home runs he gives up are so long that none of our outfielders will get hurt jumping for them! KJ just stopped and watched that one.

  60. “HR is so bad. Does he have any options left?”

    I think he should, he was never a great prospect so I doubt he was on the 40man long before he was in the bigs. They did use one in his rookie year to demote him for 2 days before Sept 1 to get some else on the postseaon roster

  61. I’m thinking that a

    LaRoche/HoRam/KJ/minor league pitcher

    package might tempt some teams at the Aug 31 deadline…

  62. I really want the Marlins to play the Cardinals in the first round of the playoffs. The Phillies have no starting pitching.

    I thought the Mets would make a run, but that horrible collision put a crimp in that. Now, I really hope it’s the Marlins. I want the Cardinals to get a double dose of Willis and Burnett before the NLCS.

  63. The Marlins have won the World Series twice, both times as a wild card entry–don’t let them in!!! I’d sooner deal with Houston, Phili, etc., and yes, even the Cards. Those Marlins are talented and seem to know what they are doing when they make it into the playoffs.

  64. I really want to see an interview with Bobby Cox after this game. He looked absolutely exhausted by his pitching staff.

  65. “From a female perspective, I will state that Jeff Francoeur is very hot. ”

    You shouldve heard the women in the crowd when he was in Rome….they also liked the his at-bat song went “she thinks my tractors sexy”

  66. at least we get a funny bolg entry when KolBB pitches. With HR we only get heart attacks for the fans (and Bobby and Leo), neck aches for the OF and BP for the other team

  67. I’m glad the braves pa guys switched back to this song… if you’ll recall they used montgomery gentry at the beginning of the season.

  68. The waiver thing can work if you’re trading younger players to a team very low in the standings in the same league… escecially if you trade for a guy who’s already cleared. Just put ’em all out there at once and hope no teams with an even lesser record claims them, if there is one. If the team you want to trade with claims them all AND has the player you want cleared to trade, you got yerself a deal. Still not easy, but they don’t have to “clear” completely. I know all of this because Steve Phillips told me, and since he’s never done/said anything stupid… oh, wait… well, I still think it’s right ;)

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