– MLB – Box Score – Braves at Reds

What do Bobby and Leo see in Horacio Ramirez? Sure, he’s had some good games, but then he also has stinkers like this. I guess they concentrate on the good and block out the bad, and that’s a healthy attitude, but the whole isn’t very good.

Ramirez stunk up the joint tonight, big time. How does five innings, six hits, a homer, four walks, one strikeout, eight runs (all earned) and 44 balls/43 strikes sound to you? Okay, it’s a small park, but the homer would have been out almost anywhere, and it’s not like throwing more balls than strikes has ever worked anywhere. A couple of the runs were inherited by Jim Brower, who came in after Ramirez had loaded the bases on two singles and a walk, then allowed a two-run double without getting an out in the sixth. After that, the bullpen (Foster and Kolb) was pretty good.

Francoeur had a three-hit night, but grounded out to end the game on a 3-2 pitch with Andruw representing the tying run on deck. Yes, with Chipper out Francoeur hit third. He also threw out two runners on the basepaths, including one at the plate. Andruw was 1-2 with an RBI and was hit by pitches twice. If I’m right, that means he’s about to get locked in. The first six hitters in the lineup all had at least one hit and all reached base at least twice, but the only hit from the bottom third of the order was a pinch-hit single by Kelly Johnson.

Marlins and Natspos winning, Phillies and Mets tied (not with each other). Davies versus Aaron Harang tomorrow on TBS. Harang is the Reds’ only good pitcher.