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The injury was played over and over on TBS Tuesday, and with each replay I saw, there was something different to see. It was a great job by the production crew on the Braves telecast to show so many angles on a play that could put such a damper on the team’s hopes. Chipper Jones dove to his left for a grounder and jammed his shoulder hard into the ground. My immediate thought–and that of another medhead in attendance at the game–was that Jones had separated his shoulder. Reports from the Braves have called this a posterior rotator cuff strain, but watch for further imaging to check for internal damage, including an AC separation, labrum and capsular injuries. The Braves have been very conservative with the DL, allowing their players every opportunity to return without hitting the list. Jones’ pain and range of motion will determine his return date, but this could be a situation very similar to Scott Rolen’s.

I’ll note that there has been a lot of talk this year of Rolen exchanging positions with Albert Pujols. Don’t trip on the mound on your way across the diamond, Chipper.

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  1. Gosh, Mac. When I first saw the title of this post I thought we had another scandal on our hands :)

  2. It’s the same people doing the game, from the broadcasters to the producers to the cameramen. Carroll no doubt has MLB Extra Innings and didn’t even notice the different brand. I usually don’t once the game’s tuned in. Sometimes if I switch to a different channel during commercials I switch back to TBS when it’s TS or vice versa.

  3. I always notice the different promos. Bushwhacked, Junkin’, and Three Day Weekend mean Turner South. Minding the Store, reruns of once-popular series, and, at one time, The New Gilligan’s Island mean TBS.

  4. Do they play commercials during the MLB Extra Innings? Even if they do, I’m also sure that everybody changes to another game during the commercials.

  5. Rafael Palmeiro has agreed to release information about his failed drug test to Congress, including the results, dates of the tests and other relevant details.

    The Baltimore Orioles slugger tested positive for the powerful steroid stanozonol, a person with knowledge of the sport’s drug-testing program told The Associated Press on condition of anonymity Wednesday. The person did not want to be identified because the sport prohibits disclosure about test results without authorization.

    Government Reform Committee chairman Tom Davis, a Virginia Republican, and ranking Democrat Henry Waxman of California issued a statement Wednesday saying Palmeiro has “pledged his full cooperation” with their inquiry.

    “The Government Reform Committee today is requesting from Major League Baseball documents related to Rafael Palmeiro’s suspension for a positive steroids test. The Committee is seeking the results of the drug tests, the date of the tests, and other relevant information,” the Davis-Waxman statement said.

    “He has agreed to authorize the release of all relevant documents to the committee, which will help us fully understand the facts of the situation. Once we review the documents, we will determine our next step.”

    In confirming that he would cooperate with the committee, Palmeiro said that if it has any additional questions, “I am ready and willing to answer each and every one of them.”

    Notice he said he was “ready and willing” to answer every questions. He didn’t say he would answer it truthfully though. He can still use the phrase “I never intentionally” and without a bent needle, they got nothin to get him with. Baseball will have to further toughen their stance in light of this.

  6. Word on the street is they don’t play commercials during Extra Innings games, and that you just get a shot of the field during the break.

    However, I don’t know if they have the little promos that are part of the broadcast. I would assume they do.

  7. Sorry about that, here’s the link if you just want to remove my comment. Otherwise, it’s an AP article.

  8. Extra Innings does have commercials, promos, everything. It’s the full broadcast from whatever outlet they get the signal from. I can’t recommend it highly enough for those with the spare dough. I’ve gotten 98% of the Braves’ games the last two years (I’m outside the Atlanta blackout area, which could come into play in the south).

  9. In the South, if you’re in a market with Turner South, FSN, and TBS, you get 100% of Braves games.

    What games do you miss with Extra Innings? Every Braves game is televised.

  10. I don’t get the Braves’ national Fox broadcasts on Saturday because I’m on the West Coast. But I get everything else, even without all those non-TBS networks you mentioned.

  11. Lots of people in the “South” don’t get Turner South, though, and I think those in the Carolinas don’t get the Braves’ FSS broadcasts. Didn’t used to, anyway.

  12. I’d be curious to know if the blackout area is everywhere TS could show a game or everywhere that it’s actually available on your system? For instance, because I could get TS on a dish am I inelligible for those extra inning games even though I don’t have a dish? I’m too lazy to call my cable company, and I wouldn’t trust their answer anyway. Anybody have it under these circumstances and know the answer? I could just get a dish, but if I got extra innings I could also watch all my roto pitchers give up 5 runs in the first of inning of their games :)

  13. oh and speaking of extra innings, last night we got the cincy FSN feed, and if you think Wimpy on our broadcast is bad, these cincy guys make him look like vin scully. they missed at least 12 balls and strikes called, missed entire playes, and the audio sounded like the werent speaking into the headset the entire time. also i think cincy just got the 5/5/5 deal from dominoes because they were running those commercials into the ground.

  14. I’m in Florida so and I get TBS and FSS, but I only get Braves games on FSS when both the D-Rays and Marlins aren’t playing at the time, which is almost never. I don’t get TS either so all I get is maybe two or three FSS games a year and what’s on TBS. It really stinks.

  15. I live in North Carolina. Incomprehensibly, the local Fox Sports affiliate, instead of showing the Braves, shows nightly Orioles games, including on nights when no other channel is broadcasting the Braves. How are the Orioles more local (and Southern) than the Braves in Raleigh, NC? I see about 100 Braves hats for every Orioles hat down here.

  16. I don’t have anything against Will Carroll, but I don’t know if I’d put much weight on his injury assessment from game film.

  17. Tonight


    Good to see Langerhans in the game tonight! KJ needs to sit a while

  18. I think you can make a pretty decent observation going off game film, especially considering all the angles you could see it. Shoot, I hope it’s not an AC or labrum problem, or else Marte’s gonna be manning the hot corner in the playoffs.

  19. I like Francouer hitting third, makes him know Bobby has confidence in him and keeps Giles in the 2 spot where he’s on fire there.

  20. “I think you can make a pretty decent observation going off game film, especially considering all the angles you could see it. Shoot, I hope it’s not an AC or labrum problem, or else Marte’s*** gonna be manning the hot corner in the playoffs.”


  21. I wish he would quit being injury prone these past few seasons..but…i think injuries have more to do with bad luck/timing then someone not being in shape or whatever….look at charles rogers of the lions…thats freak injuries…i dont think he’s any less athletic or fit..just bad luck….anyone get what imean?

  22. I am in baltimore and i cannot watch MLB.TV games when the Braves are playing the Natspos. All Nats games are blocked in baltimore.

    Peter Angelos have MLB by the go-nats.

    On – you always see the commercials too so it is impossible to mistake tbs v turner south.

    When it is on TBS, I am not watching on my computer.

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