Putative Game Thread: July 6, Cubs at Braves

I don’t know what the weather’s like in Atlanta, but it’s been raining in Alabama all day and that usually means it’s going to rain in Georgia next. So, either we’ll talk about the game or we won’t.

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14 thoughts on “Putative Game Thread: July 6, Cubs at Braves”

  1. Apropos of nothing- I was wondering, like many people, about the selection of Piazza to start the all-star game, but then I went and actually looked at the stats and found that there really isn’t anyone noticeably better. It’s probably too strong to say that the catching in the NL this year is historically bad, but does anyone remember this level of suckitude across the board? There are only 3 guys with over 100ABs that have an OPS over 750 (Schneider, LaRue, and Miller), and of the four catchers who even have enough ABs to qualify for the batting title, only Piazza and LoDuca are even above 700. Makes me miss Javy…

  2. Pregame trivia:

    Andruw was the NL Player of the Month for June. Who was the last Brave to win that honor?

  3. Fred McGriff in July ’93. I think I just read that on MLB.com yesterday.

  4. Scanning the list, it looks like the last Brave to win after playing the entire month in question with the Braves was Justice in ’91.

    Of the current Braves, the last to win looks like Brian Jordan in ’02.

  5. Thanks JoeyT. The good news is that we know we have the pitching depth to handle even a triple-header later into the season…

  6. I’m just hoping that they get the next series in, but Dennis will have something to say about that. It’s probably Andruw’s fault.

  7. John Smoltz’s agenda list:

    1) teach Kyle Davies how to follow-through with a strong front leg;
    2) teach Roman Colon how to throw a curve ball:
    3) teach Jorge Sosa how to speak English;
    4) teach Hampton, Hudson and Thomson how to stay healthy;
    5) take Leo’s job by the season end!

  8. Dale Murph was awarded player of the month in five consecutive seasons… Hard to believe how the award has evaded Braves players during their run. I would have guessed that Chipper earned one about the time he was abusing the Mets during his MVP season.

  9. I remember one year that Jeff Blauser almost certainly would have one it, but the Braves forgot to nominate him (which seems like a dumb thing anyway… can’t these people just pay attention?) I don’t remember when that was or why I even remember it.

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