Marte pool winners

I mentioned in comments but forgot to post on the front page that nobody got the exact answer (June 7, 3B) in the Marte pool. I’m declaring David Remy the winner, with June 8 at third base. There was a tie for second. Bledsoe had June 5, third base, while Sansho had June 6 but left field.

All three can if they desire choose a worthless prize, a book from my box of discarded books nobody will ever read.

20 thoughts on “Marte pool winners”

  1. Well I may have missed out on the front end, but I expect my well deserved prize when I am proven to have correctly picked the back end:

    Last at bat October 2, 2023 pinch hitting for the Padres against the Las Vegas Sharks … you heard it here first.

  2. Bob Barker would probably disagree and declare Bledsoe the winner. I know it’s your blog… I’m just sayin’

    trade furcal

  3. Maybe we’ve discussed this somewhere, and maybe it’s for another thread, but where would we trade Furcal to? Minnesota, maybe. The White Sox, possibly? The Dodgers, if they want him at third? What other playoff-bound team would need a rent-a-shortstop with terrible numbers this year? I don’t see much of a market.

  4. I don’t see one either really. I do think that Minnesota could use him, but I don’t know if they’d be willing to carry his contract. I certainly wouldn’t expect to get any talent in return. It would just be nice to have that money freed up to make other deals, assuming there are any to be made. But at this point, it’s mostly just fun to say… especially since I let Malone have it pretty good on that subject a few times, and I’ve now decided that I agree with him.

  5. Well, “use him” is probably too strong. He doesn’t appear to be all that useful offensively. I would just have to think that he’s likely to end up being better than the stiffs they’re running out there at the middle infield positions these days. Truly, I think their best bet would’ve been to stick with Barfield, but they’ve already decided not to do that for whatever reason.

  6. cant see the game here in Florida (Eric Gregg Turner South) but Sosa’s line so far not bad…better then Greisinger

  7. And Sosa does look sharp too – 1st inning homer, but he’s looked good. Even the hits he’s given up (for the most part) have just been hit softly to the right spots. If he keeps pitching well, can’t help but think that Bobby’s going to rely on him more…

  8. One of the Careys noted that he’s slated to start again next time around the rotation.

    He looks tight. And against Texas at home, that’s really impressive.

  9. Hey look at the Marlins. They got so desperate for pitching they have Travis “Throw-A-Homer” Smith pitching for them. Not to let down the fans, he’s given up 4 runs in 2/3 of an inning. He’s got his patented home run pitch working also.

  10. Surprised to see the Marlins didn’t learn anything from us. Hey, no more Sosa!!! I am worried now!

  11. You didn’t actually see the inning, did you? Andruw made a leaping catch to bring one down at the wall and the second ball was a drive to the track too.

  12. Lazy fly ball, Mac. If they went over Andruw’s head it would have been his fault anyways.

  13. 1) Nobody will ever read the books, ergo
    2) Everyone will never read the books, and
    3) I, as a person, am included in the set “everyone”, therefore
    4) I will never read the books.

    I guess I’ll pass on the prize, unless this is one of the books.

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