– MLB – Recap – Braves at Rangers

Just when you thought we’d hit bottom, the bottom opens up and shows a whole new level. I may vomit. Tim Hudson simply stank, had no idea where the ball was going, allowing five runs on five hits (including two homers) and five walks in 2 2/3. It was absolutely atrocious pitching from the Book of Kolb. Jorge Vasquez may be the answer, but he sure didn’t look it tonight, allowing a Grybo (I’m thinking that I’m going to use that for “inherited run” from now on) on a wild pitch in the third and a two-run homer in the fourth. Boyer, Foster, and Gryboski managed scoreless innings, all allowing one hit apiece. Boyer did have a couple of strikeouts and looked decent, but that may just have been by comparison.

The Braves were absolutely shut down by Chris Young, getting only two hits and a walk in seven innings. They got one run on a Betemit double in the eighth (maybe this will get Betemit back in the lineup for Furcal tomorrow) and two runs on a too-late homer by Andruw in the ninth. I don’t even have the heart to blame him anymore.

Good news… Well, Marte had another hit and has a three-game streak going. Kelly Johnson DHed and had his second hit. He’s all the way up to .059! Nobody died. That’s about it for the good news.

The hope for tomorrow is that Jorge Sosa, a man with a history of terrible starting pitching (as in 9-22 with a 5.14 ERA) can come through, or that the Braves can at least hit the ghost of Pedro Astacio. I am not optimistic. Trade Furcal.