7 thoughts on “I hate driving in Atlanta”

  1. They should have let Kolb pitch the ninth with the seven run lead to try to restore some of his confidence after Tuesday’s unpleasentness.

  2. Okay, Bet-He-Miss officially sucks. I’ve seen little leaguers field better than him. Made the pitcher throw about 15-20 extra pitches when the bullpen is already worn out.

    Skip Carey needs to go away. He was reporting scores like this one: “Red Sox hold on to beat the Devil Rays 8-5 (they won 10-0) when the Devil Rays score 5 runs in the bottom of the 9th.” And this classic “Baltimore shuts out the Yankees 4-1 (It was actually 8-1, but neither would qualify as a shut-out unless he doesn’t count unearned runs, which this one was not).” He talks about the old days like he was there; “I remember when Ernie Harwell was calling games at the old Tiger Stadium and he had a net in front of his broadcast booth so he wouldn’t get hit by foul balls from left handed hitters.” Ron Gant sits there and gives good analysis of the game and the hitters and all Skip can talk about is how he hasn’t made it to Sonic for a Cherry Limeade, but his wife and kids have. I love how he asks questions starting with (and he did this at least 10 times tonight) “Since both of you played major league baseball, what are your thoughts on the Sheffield incident?,” or Both of you have been in the big leagues so who’s the oldest former player you ever saw who was still wearing a uniform?”

    Great game tonight, Furcal and Raul may be on track in the hitters’ capitol of the East. Ramirez has got to last more than 4-5 innings. If he doesn’t get the run support he’s had in the first two games, it’s gonna be a long season for him.

  3. I had trouble on my visit to Atlanta last summer. The highways confuse me there, especially outside the city. They overlap and change actual names and numbers.

  4. bwarrened, That was Chip, not Skip. I am a rare Skip apologist. I guess I’ve warmed to him in during the 25 years I’ve been listening to him.

    I am usually easy on announcers, but Chip has a tendency to over-react. He treats a batter’s second hit of the game like it is the triple to close a cycle in the seventh game of the series. OK, now I exaggerate.

    Raoul, why don’t you do like I did and move 3 miles from the stadium. I factor my desire to be near the team into career decisions. OK, again I exaggerate.

  5. It sounded like he was describing Chip to me, too. I can’t stand him either, although I have no trouble believing that he saw Ernie Harwell’s booth in Tiger Stadium. After all, his granddad was a broadcaster for the White Sox in the ’70s.

  6. I like skip. Chip, on the other hand, has done nothing to change the initial negative feeling I got when I listened to the first game this year.

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