20 thoughts on “Dan Kolb goes for a drive”

  1. Is there anything to be read into the picture being an MG, one of the several generations of bad British cars that made ‘English workmanship’ an oxymoron?

  2. I don’t think KolBB’s big sweaty frame would fit in that car. Fabulous picture.

  3. He would be too FAT to fit in that car but I will take any kind of accident.

    Maybe it could be like that Saturday Night Live skit where Dana Carvery (as H. Ross Perot) drove Phil Hartman (as Admiral Stockdale) drove Stockdale out in the middle of nowhere to leave him.

    John Smoltz in the Carvey role and Kolb, the big fat loser in the backseat, in the Hartman role. I think Smoltz will be taking hostages very soon.

  4. Bobby Cox is saying on the radio he’s going to juggle the bullpen around, putting Kolb into middle relief (read: Albie Lopez duty)

    Great news.

  5. Rotoworld says Bernero now wears the crown. Interesting. He’s been good so far, but who can give us a few good innings in the middle now when we need them?

  6. By the way, you can get Gameday Audio for free when you sign up for four free issues of SI. I actually cancelled my subscription before I even got an issue and I’m listening to the pregame right now. Of course, you have to be out-of-market (like me) and not an SI subscriber.

  7. Two notes: I like Langerhans and all, but should he really be hitting third? Wouldn’t a better lineup be:
    Mondesi(if we must)..

    Oh, and secondly, as we’re being perfected through 2 today on the anniversary of last year, I’m officially putting the jinx on Eaton, so he won’t repeat the feat.

    That’s all.

  8. Giles is going to get himself tossed – not a good way to celebrate your birthday.

  9. And Furcal swings at the first pitch… At least Mondesi did something good and cashed in Betemit.

    Something you guys might appreciate – in my MVP 2005 dynasty, Mondesi was hitting about .200 (my season is about a week behind real-life). I traded him straight-up for Milton Bradley. :)

  10. You stuck with Mondesi that long? Shoot, before Spring Training started in my dynasty, Mondesi was gone for a pack of gum, and I picked up Jeromy Burnitz who was somehow available… really worked out.

  11. Thanks Bell Curve. I saw that deal on MLB.com and was contemplating the course of action you took. I’m going to need the radio when TBS drastically reduces the amount of games.

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