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1. Tim Hudson reminds Eddie Perez of Greg Maddux, and Perez wishes he could always catch Hudson.

2. But he won’t, because he’s been assigned to catch Mike Hampton this year.

The latter is interesting because it’s what I suggested the Braves do last year. Actually, I suggested a platoon, but that if they have to have an assigned pitcher for the backup catcher, it should be Hampton, because:

1. Perez’s shoulder problems would be less of a big deal with Hampton, who is the Braves’ best pitcher at holding runners;

2. Perez’s terrible, terrible offense would be less of a problem with Hampton, who is the Braves’ best hitting pitcher.

#1 turned out to not be such a big deal, or rather Estrada turned out to be even worse at throwing out baserunners. #2 certainly was a big deal.

9 thoughts on “The Perez news”

  1. makes one wish for Henry Blanco huh! I really do hope Estrada has worked on his defence this offseason. Given his hitting is going to go down, he better make up somewhere :)
    If he catches 30%. you could color me happy!

  2. Forget those reasons, Mac. Isn’t it obvious that Hampton just can’t stand Estrada? :)

  3. Ha ha. But great point, mac. I love that, and I hope Hampton has a great season at the plate this year. I’d love it if he could win a game or two with a key hit.

  4. Speaking of people who can win a game with a key hit, smoltz will be back in lineup as well.

  5. There isn’t anything to suggest Estrada’s hitting is going to go down. He was perhaps the most clutch Braves hitter in the playoffs, except for maybe Andruw Jones. He hit two homeruns and looked a lot more effective than other players in the Braves lineup. His throwing is suspect for a catcher, but his determination and toughness in the dirt give his teammates a real boost. You could see the energy he brought to every game.

  6. It’s comical to suggest Henry Blanco. For all the great work around the plate, Blanco is one of the worst offensive catchers in the league. The Braves are lucky to have Johnny Estrada.

  7. I’ve really got nothing against Eddie Perez. Good defensively, good in the clubhouse, yadda, yadda, mcyadda, but it would be nice to have a back-up catcher who could start 40-50 games rather than 1 out of 5. It looked like Ponch just flat out wore down last season. I hope Bobby yanks him in blowouts to give him more rest.

  8. I’m pretty sure the Blanco comment is referring to Eddie Perez, not Estrada. It’s nice to have a backup catcher that is either good on offense or defense — Eddie’s pretty mediocre on both counts.

  9. Not suggesting that we replace Estrada with Blanco!
    was being sarcastic actually..forgot the tags ;-)

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