Smoltz on the DL

“Elbow tendinitis”. It’s supposedly precautionary. I would guess he’ll be okay with rest, though it’s not like he’s been pitching a lot. No idea who would close. Mercker? I don’t know who’s up, either. A developing story.

UPDATE: He visited Birmingham and got a cortisone shot from Dr. Andrews. He should be back in fifteen days. Actually, the minimum would be twelve, I think, since that’s the last time he pitched.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Here’s the AJC story. Joe Dawley or Bubba Nelson is expected to be called up. I would call up a hitter (it’s only four days until roster expansion) but the Braves can’t be expected to suddenly become rational now. There’s also the possibility that they’ll overpay in trade for one of the few remaining relievers who got through waivers.

3 thoughts on “Smoltz on the DL”

  1. I’m not really one to say I told you so, but since Steffen, Rivers and Andy all jumped me when I suggested Smoltz might be hurt after the Giants debacle, I’ll say it now:

    “I told you so…..”

  2. Yes, woe be to those who actually believed Cox and Smoltz when they lied about his not being hurt at all.

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