Nick Green called up | Error costly for R-Braves

No word here on who goes down/will be disabled. My initial suspicion is that they’re going to shut Furcal down. Alternatively, Betemit’s 0-4 yesterday might have ended his callup.

Green has been tearing it up in Richmond, hitting .377/.443/.455. Now, he’s not really a .380 hitter, and hitting a more reasonable number — .300, say — gives you a .300/.366/.378 line. In other words, I think he might get on base a little, but where’s the power? Still, it’s a lot better than DeRosa’s been doing. Green’s been mostly a second baseman, but has played a little third, including one game this year.

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  1. While we’re at it, can we find a way to get Travis Green on the roster in Atlanta too? Those 3-0/1.34 numbers look pretty good even for triple A.

    And do my eyes deceive me? Is Base12 (or Fat Tony as I’ve taken to calling him) really leading the team in wins?

  2. Well, since the starters aren’t getting any wins even when they pitch well, it’s hardly a surprise. I think Boom-Boom Bobby actually led the team in wins at one time last year.

  3. Matthew, is there a rule a that allows for a callup for bereavement without a roster move? I don’t recall. If so then this is just a sip of coffee.

    On the other hand, I agree with Mac that this might be an attempt to find some hitting at 3rd from within the organization. They might not be worried about power now. How about just someone that gets on base.

  4. Yes, there is such a rule. I don’t know the exact details, but the Giants did the same thing last year when Bonds was out due to the passing of his father.

  5. Last May, Sheffield missed a few games because someone in his family passed away, but I don’t recall the Braves adding anyone to their roster. I could be wrong, however.

  6. Who is the big loser here? Mike Hessman. Why waste an option on Green when Hessman could cover a back-up role for a few days? I could be misunderstanding the rules, but I would be a bit worried if I were Hessman.

    Note: replace “could be” with “am almost certainly”.

  7. As for Hessman, he’s been up twice and looked completely hopeless, so calling him up again doesn’t seem like a very good idea. Also, Green is a second baseman and could play short in an emergency, while Hessman is strictly a corner guy.

  8. I remember. Langerhans was brought up from Greenville. Ok. No emminent change in the makeup of the team.

    Reading the AJC, it looks like they are just giving DeRosa a day off to clear his head.

    Are there any third basemen out there that can be had for a prospect? Any first basemen? At this point in the season its rare for anyone decide to dump impending free agents or abritration eligables.

  9. I don’t think using up one of Nick Green’s options is a concern. After all, he’s in AAA already and leading the league in hitting, so starting a 3-year clock on him now seems okay.

    As for available third baseman, Milwaukee seems a logical place to start. They have 6 guys for 3 spots on the infield (Counsell, Helms, Hall, Spivey, Ginter, Durrington), including a couple of contracts they might like to unload (Counsell and Spivey). I’ve agitated for Keith Ginter here previously, but someone said they signed him to an extension, and he’s only making 380K this year anyway. I doubt we want Helms back.

    My new idea is maybe we could swing a deal for Spivey, then install either him or Giles at 3B. It’s a little odd, but no more so than signing a 41-year-old Mexican League first baseman….

    Any thoughts?

  10. I’d bang on the Twins door…they’ve got more 1B/OF types than they can handle, including 2 of the best hitters in the minors (Morneau and Restovich)…can’t the Braves dangle some of those magic bean minor-league arms at them?

  11. And those two are just in their AAA affilaiate…Jason Kubel and BJ Garbe are killing it in Double A. (Kubel is DESTROYING it…)

  12. Who made the brilliant decision to have the Brewers wear throwback Milkwaukee Braves uniforms while the Braves are in town?

    Oh well, I’ll just be confused all night.

  13. I’m fairly certain that if a player is called up to replace someone on berevement leave it doesn’t count as the using of an option, though the player being called up (Green) does receive service time.

  14. What. The. Hell. Is. Bobby. Doing.

    You don’t pinch hit for Ramirez in the top of the 7th with score 0-0, RISP, and 2 outs, then he pitches exactly one inning after that?


  15. Um, OK, that was the OTHER Braves pitcher – with the white jersey. Wow, oops. I still think they should have pinch hit for H-Ram, but I apologize for the confusion displayed above.

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