National Pastime

So JC from Sabernomics emails me today (well, yesterday, now) to tell me that I’m quoted in the opening of this book by Stefan Szymanski and Andrew Zimbalist. On the first page, yet. I found a PDF of the first chapter, and sure enough, there I am, second from the top. So I’m a little freaked.

It’s in reference to this old post on War Liberal:

War Liberal Classic: Another reason to hate soccer

Another reason to hate soccer

Accused Terrorist Talks at Belgium Trial

The “accused” terrorist (who has already admitted to being sent into Belgium to drive a bomb into a U.S. Air Force base, and to “committing himself becoming a ‘martyr’ for Osama bin Laden”) is named Nizar Trabelsi. And he’s a former European pro soccer player. You don’t see any former NFL players or Major League Baseball players joining al-Qaeda, do you?

As a bonus, enjoy some of the so-literate comments.

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