What a hoot.

Many, many thanks to Mac for my own little virtual soapbox. This is the most fun I’ve had writing in a long time. I hope that you’ve enjoyed either remembering these guys with me or else learning a little about the Braves’ history and players.

For those of you disappointed in your favorites not making the Left Behinders, I apologize. I wouldn’t take my rankings all that gospel. Gerald Perry isn’t the second best Brave left off Mac’s list – maybe the tenth. But with the exception of Gerald, I generally tried to put them on in order of strength and contribution. Tommy Aaron isn’t the 18th best Brave Left Behind, either, but I want Hank to be happy, and since Mac’s list is taken from Hank’s uniform number, I thought I would do mine from Tommy’s No. 18.

The last two cuts for the Left Behinders were Rowland Office and Jeff Treadway. I actually wrote up Jeff Treadway, more than once, but the fact is he never played more than 2/3 of a season ever, and he only was here for 5-6 seasons total. Mac will have more to say about that and other omissions, I trust.

And I hope that maybe some of my stuff sunk into Mac’s thick skull. When he finishes his list, I will maybe have a last commentary comparing our squads, with Mac’s permission.

Thanks again, Mac.


You’re welcome, and thanks.

I’m still taking submissions from you guys to fill in the gaps. Rowland is probably the most prominent position player not listed, the guy with the longest career as a regular in Atlanta who didn’t make the list. The one player neither Bledsoe nor I have discussed who I think has the best case for Top 44 status is Carl Morton, who pitched three years and part of a fourth with the team in the mid-seventies; his career is shorter but probably a little better than the Reed/Jarvis group.

Other than Morton, the players who are “suggested” writeups are mostly position players. Here’s the list of available players I came up with:

Rowland Office
Ken Oberkfell
Biff Pocaroba
Jeff Treadway
Sid Bream
Andres Thomas
Sonny Jackson
Marty Perez
Eddie Perez
Jerry Royster
Gregg Olson
Damon Berryhill

I will add in two first basemen, Orlando Cepeda and Andres Galarraga, whose careers with the Braves are really too short for inclusion but who played very well when they did play.