Get me with the arrogance. This is, mostly, a selection of entries from here from the years 1998-2003. I have added a brief comment to each one. The first part, I actually compiled several years ago when I was trying to preserve the old archives from the Compuserve version of the site. I was considering maybe turning it into a print-on-demand book, but that seemed like a lot of work for not much return. A little while back, it became clear to me that publishing for Kindle would be much easier and could also be cheap enough where someone might actually be okay with paying for it. So I finished up what I had done before and added the first two years done via blogging software. There are a few gaps; sometimes I just didn’t write anything, occasionally the posts are lost, most often I didn’t think anything was interesting enough.

It sells for $2.99. I wanted to make it lower, but Amazon’s pricing structure tends to encourage the $2.99 price point. It’s readable on the Kindle, of course, and also on computers (with the Kindle for PC program) and on a variety of smartphones and other devices (with Kindle apps).