For some reason (I blame Kolb) I thought that tonight was an off day and the Braves were about to play three in Washington. Actually, it’s a two-game series with the Astros followed by two with the Natspos. I’ll recap tonight, or early tomorrow if the game runs long. Bamadan will take over for the Tuesday-Thursday games. I’ll try to stop by.

8 thoughts on “Erratum”

  1. Bamadan will take over for the Tuesday-Thursday games

    I guess everyone remembers Mark Grace’s comment about slump busters, right? The uglier the are …

    Well, that fits just fine here too!

  2. Cox has been very un-Cox recently…why he didn’t have Mondesi bunting Orr over to second to avoid…DOUBLE PLAY!!!

  3. I troll here frewuently. Just wanted to say are we sure we want Chris Reitsma closing? I mean, tonight plus the division series? Or most of last season?

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