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  1. I just read on foxsports.com that Roland and Sanders amy be gone to the season. If that is true, we may be playing for it all this October. I don’t want anything to do with the Astros. Of course they don’t have Carlos “Mr.October II” Beltran this year.

  2. That would be “Rolen,” Smitty :-) Do you really see the Cards collapsing because Scott Rolen and Reggie Sanders are gone? I don’t. Of course, Larry Walker is also injured and Pujols has been having shoulder problems. But I don’t think the absence of Rolen and Sanders is enough to flatten the Cards. That new Rodriguez guy “J-Rod” is pretty good in the OF and their pitching is fantastic. I think they are still the team to beat, followed by the Astros. Why can’t we play the Padres?

    Re Francoeur/Francouer: Everyone seems to have this hypothesis that pitchers will figure him out and he’ll stop hitting. But he’s already swinging at everything, no matter where it is, and somehow hitting it. One of his HRs was on a ball around his ankles. Where do you pitch to him that he can’t hit?

  3. The Cardinals don’t collapse missing those guys, but they are considerably weaker. It’d be almost impossible for them to lose the division. Without Rolen, Sanders and Walker, this is not exactly a formidable offense. Pujols and Edmonds are serious threats, but everything around them is fairly ordinary withouth those three. Walker will probably be back at some point, but I think there are serious questions about Sanders and Rolen. That’s got to be worrisome. It is at least a potential opportunity for the Braves to end up with the best record, which would be how we could end up playing the “winner” out West.

  4. If we win our division and Houston wins the wildcard, we play them regardless if we have the best record or not, right?

  5. creynolds, whether the Braves play the winner of the west will have nothing to do with their record compared to the Cardinals. The Wild Card team cannot face the winner of its division in the first round. If the Braves and Cardinals have the best two records, and the Wild Card doesn’t come from the west, then the Braves play the western champ only if the Wild Card comes from the east.

    Since it’s looking like the Wild Card is not coming from the West, the record only matters to determine home field, should the Braves and Cardinals both make the NLCS.

  6. Easy way to remember how to spell his last name – He’s the French Julio FRANCO .. so Francoeur

  7. I think most people get the “franco” part, it’s “uer” instead of “eur” where most err.

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