10 thoughts on “Johnson/Marte watch”

  1. We’ve got to spring Langerhans first.

    You know, I wonder how much the absence of Pat Corrales is effecting the in-game decisions? Maybe Bobby needs reminding on some things. I’m serious about this, too. Maybe Bobby needs Pat’s vote of confidence.

  2. I’m a little late on this story..It’s true, sorry about the post, should have read further down on the page.

  3. Why should we spring Langerhans? He’s yet to show anyone he can hit at the major league level.

  4. Why should we spring Langerhans? He’s yet to show anyone he can hit at the major league level.

    Simple answer: because minor league statistics are reliable predictors of major league performance. If you deny that, then I see no common point of reference for us to continue this discussion.

    More of an answer: because Mondesi has a recent history of poor performance, has started off slowly, and has a personality that has allowed him to quit on his teamates at least twice.

    Piling on: because Jordan has a recent history of poor performance, frequent injury, and is old.

    Langerhans is not about to become Albert Pujols or Manny Ramirez, but in my not so humble opinion repeated here many times, he is a far better option, at least against RHP than Jordan or Mondesi.

  5. I’d like to see what Langerhans can do first too. It’s quite perplexing to have talent like Marte & Johnson waiting in the wings and nowhere to put them, but if Mondesi & Jordan continue to progress and find their stroke I don’t think that we need them just yet. As I said in an earlier thread, our biggest offensive problems right now are Furcal & Andruw. Furcal is the tablesetter and Andruw is the cleanup guy–or at least that’s what their supposed to do. If everyone else keeps doing what their doing and those guys come around, the offense will be fine.

  6. Does Johnson have a nickname? Because if he doesn’t he certainly could be called “Big Hickory” as he reminds me very much of Byrant Greeves of Oklahoma State fame.

    Being from Texas and as big as he is it seems to fit. Marte in right, “Big Hickory” in left!

  7. Keeping Johnson and Marte at Richmond for at least half a season will do them and the organization a world of goods. I am tired of rushing prospects like Andruw, Furcal and Betimet when they were not proved to be very closed to ready, and they ended up being swing-happy with no plate discipline. Even Chipper spent a season at Richmond if I remember right. Just my humble opinion, but we can’t “waste” any more prospect. I agree with JC, we should give Langerhan every chance to prove himself first before we think about promoting Johnson or Marte.

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