Hi there

I’m currently zonked out on morphine and percoset, and waiting an X-ray. Let’s just say that I am not currently functioning at 100 percent. Call it Snitker Mode. I also have the manual dexterity of Brooks Conrad playing short, which limits my typing. More later.

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  1. I’ve said it before: regular posters should pick one game to watch under the influence of something and see how things go on here. I bet it would be classic.

    The trade deadline is a game of chicken. Proctor, Heyward, Schafer, and Louth are doing their best to make sure it’s Wren that blinks first.

  2. Glad you are on the road to recovery, Mac. Just don’t watch Gonzalez, McLouth, or Schaefer hit or you will have a setback.

  3. Glad you’re back, Mac. Motor problems aside, now might be a good time to do some automatic writing. Get well soon!

  4. weeeeellllllcooooommmmmmeee bbbbbbaaaaaaackkkkkk mmmmmmmmmaaaaaaccccccccc.
    @7 funny stuff, thanks.

  5. Watching a lot of MLB Network this week. I never knew Kevin Millar was such a douche.

  6. Rosenthal on Twitter:

    Sources: #Phillies most aggressive on Pence. #RedSox have inquired, tough finding match. #Braves not currently involved. #tradedeadline #MLB

    Watch the Phillies acquire Pence and the Braves get bupkis.

  7. If the Royals get Upton, we could get Lorenzo Cain. That Minor for Cain deal kinda makes sense in hindsight.

  8. We need to destroy Pittsburgh tonight.

    As I watched the game last night, all I could think was that if the team wanted to show they were more talented than the Pirates yet still lose the game, they couldn’t have done a better job.

    James McDonald would be our #3 in AAA right now.

  9. Apparently Schafer might have to go on the DL after all. Good thing Fredi dialed up his thunderous bat to pinch hit last night in a crucial spot to reset his DL clock. I was really worried that I wouldn’t get to see enough McLouth in CF before he leaves us for good.

  10. Revised lineup: McLouth 8 Prado 5 McCann 2 Freeman 3 Uggla 4 Hinske 7 Heyward 9 Lugo 6 Hanson 1

  11. Sheesh. I think Schafer going to the DL will officially take us out of the Beltran sweepstakes (at least if that was the only move Wren planned to make) and increase our interest in Upton and/or Pence.

  12. Glad to see that neither the surgery nor the drugs has dulled your sharp wit.

    I feel like I may have to take some drugs to prepare for the inevitably disappointing trade (or non-trade) the Braves are about to make . . .

  13. @23 – I think this has come up before, but I blame that on Wren. Tell your manager not to use him, or DL him.

  14. @27

    Also a Tennessee fan, but why not… he shouldn’t have any problems fitting in:

    In 2006, Alleva and his sons were involved in a boating accident which left Alleva with an injured head. His son, J.D., was charged with operating a boat while impaired after refusing to give a blood sample for testing. Three officers smelled alcohol on him hours after the incident.

    Also dealt with Duke lacrosse. An old pro.

  15. @29

    He also hired three football coaches while at Duke. But football doesn’t’ count at Duke

  16. @31 – Ha! I feel like a guest on Maury who just found out that the other guy is the father. Whew!

  17. FWIW, Peter Gammons today on WFAN said, “A couple of friends of mine who work for the Braves have insisted all along that they will trade Mike Minor & a lesser prospect [for Beltran], and that might do it.”

    Nothing we didn’t kinda know, but it’s nice to believe we’re still in the race.

  18. @22- Obviously the salaries skew it, but based solely on talent and track record, you would trade Derek Lowe for James McDonald? There’s no way in hell I would.

  19. @33

    That would be overpaying. Remember we thought Heyward could play first? Now he can barley man right

  20. Also, McDonald is 26, was a decent prospect, and throws pretty hard. Considering that going forward he’s likely to be better than Lowe due to age, yes, I would trade them straight up even if salary wasn’t a factor.

  21. That’s the second time this week Heyward has misplayed a double into a triple.

  22. Minor and more for a rental? No thanks. I might do Minor for Beltran plus Isringhausen.

  23. At this rate, Beltran might reject a trade to the Braves if we can’t even beat the Pirates.

  24. Karstens has been the luckiest pitcher in the majors (based on ERA-FIP) to this point. Glad to see it will continue at least one more game.

  25. @55,

    At least the Pirates are earning their runs this time instead of relying on McLouth like they did in 2008.

  26. Pathetic. Just pathetic. A whole lotta losin’ goin on lately. What the hell has happened to Hanson during the break?

    And should we trade Mike Minor to a division rival for two month of a player we have no room for I might throw up.

    Yes, I am in a goddam bad mood. Sorry. Good night.

  27. At this point, Beltran would be the second best hitter on the team by a long shot. We’d make room for him.

  28. McDonald’s K’s, BB’s and hits per 9 are worse this year than his career norms. Assuming that he improves simply because of his age and current velocity isn’t enough IMO. You could fill books with guys who have had careers similar to McDonald’s up to this point and then flamed out.

    I’ll take Derek Lowe, and that’s not even mentioning the postseason, where he has a legit and recent track record.

  29. Hanson should be fined for every run he gives up in the first 2 innings. Maybe that will motivate him not to suck horribly early in the games

  30. It only took two years for Joe Simpson to notice the slow pace of Hanson’s delivery.

  31. Maybe we can trade Tommy Hanson to a division rival, so that maybe we can score some runs?

    If we get a hitter back, bonus.

  32. 61 — Really? You’d take a 38 year old sinkerballer in decline who has only slightly performed better (arguably) this season than a 26 year old with better K rates? Sounds like something Steve Phillips would have done with the Mets.

  33. Yeah, instead of hanging on to all of the young pitching lets dump Hanson and call one of them up. I am tiring of his episodes and Wren’s lack of urgency

  34. McDonald’s K rates aren’t even really down. His career K per 9 ratio is 7.8 and his season number is 7.7. It’s lower than when he was used as a reliever when he was first called up, yes, but that’s probably because of the inning increase now that he’s a starter and has to pace himself. Hits per 9 innings is not a dependable metric to predict future performance. He allows a few more homers than you’d like and walks a few more, but remember we’re comparing him with Derek Lowe going forward whose periperhals are likely to decline to similar HR and BB ratios.

  35. You forgot the worse hit rate and the significantly worse HR and BB rate.

    You could frame it in a million ways, but if I’m Frank Wren and and the Pirates offer me James McDonald for Lowe contingent upon me paying the difference in their salaries over the next two years, I would say no and not think twice about it.

  36. I edited my post at #69 while you were writing #70 that answers your first paragraph.

  37. Maybe Wren really wants to become a seller and stockpile more pitching that he won’t ever trade

  38. Annnd our SS’s still collectively can’t hit for shit.

    I know Yunel’s a douche, but couldn’t they’ve tried a brain transplant or something?

  39. 3-3, right? Yahoo boxscore is contradicting itself.

    Yep, in case anyone else was confused.

  40. Maybe I’ve got the mind of a 13-year-old, but “Freeman’s Seamen” is an ill-advised fan group.

  41. Second and third, no one out and it wouldn’t surprise anyone here if the Braves do not score.

  42. @91 Wren would be in a better position to deal for everything this team needed if he didn’t have cheap, corporate ownership that would rather maximize profit than wins.

  43. Im waiting on DOB and Bowman to blame the fan for touching the ball and not Lugo, McOut and Prado for not scoring the run

  44. To be honest, I was pretty pissed that the fan picked up the ball cause I knew we wouldn’t score after that.

  45. @99

    Chipper shouldn’t be allowed to talk to the press unless he plays three games in a row.

    I think Heyward should call him out. I understand the knee stuff, but a tweaked thigh muscle?

  46. At least Pittsburgh is out of lefties? Assuming Beimel doesn’t mow down several more guys.

  47. Miss Escobar. It’d be nice to have a short stop that provided some offense again. Cox and crew ran him out of town simply because they didn’t like his attitude.

  48. Vizcaino gives up a solo homer in his first AAA inning, according to former wrestling announcer Tony Schivone

  49. I just asked Tony Schiavone ‘Have you ever been calling a G-Braves game and just felt like yelling “Look down in the bull pen…OH MY GOD…IT’S STING!’

  50. I went to the same high school as Tony Schiavone’s sons and two of them were announcers for our baseball team. Every once in a while they wouldn’t be able to do it and Tony would step in. So on more than one occasion I was introduced into the game, be it as a reliever or batter, by Tony Schiavone.

  51. Let’s just move on from the Yunel trade.

    It’d be nice to, but watching the .261 OBP starting short stop flail at pitches away and in the dirt day-in and day-out makes it hard to forget.

    Gonzalez is Francoeur without the on-base ability and the home run threat. Think about that.

  52. Blaming the trade misses the point that Yunel was not willing to play with any reasonable degree of effort for this team anymore. Blame him, not the people who acted on that fact.


  54. Tony answered me:

    LOL. no but I’ve felt like yelling. It’s wild, the umpire has a chair, we are out of time….!!!!


  55. Using our best relievers in a tie game? Who taught Fredi how to properly use a bullpen? Oh right, we’re at “home”, so that means you’re actually supposed to do the right thing.

  56. Nice use of Kimbrel here. Linebrink should be able to hold McCutchen down.

    Eh, 7-8-9 hitters even if he blows it. I think the point still stands, especially after Fredi’s quote from earlier in the year. It didn’t make sense to hold onto Kimbrel then, but I think it did this time.

  57. @122 Thank god we are at home. Otherwise we will have another Kimbrel debate again.

    @115 You mean Frenchy actually has on-base ability and is a home run threat? I see them as essentially the same player while AAG can actually play some defense. Thank goodness they are not on the same team. Unfortunately we have Nate.

  58. I think the Braves have someone that is adept at stealing signs. They had a successful pitchout in Colorado too.

  59. You mean Frenchy actually has on-base ability

    Not really. But even at his worst, Francoeur’s OBP never fell to .261. It usually hovered in the .290-.310 range.

  60. Come on. Let’s score a run and go home.

    Dan, they are both terrible. I think we can both agree on that.

  61. McOut still stuck at one career walk off…shocker

    Edit: Was Fredi arguing or did he get lost on the way to the bathroom?

  62. So, Nate is both terrible and stupid, apparently.

    This umpire has been brutal all night, though.

  63. Is it possible to accrue WPA between plays? Our chances of winning had to just skyrocket when Nate and Fredi got thrown out. Props to the ump!

  64. I think Fredi knew he’d been thrown out, he was just pissed and was refusing to leave for a minute.

  65. Oh wait, I didn’t realize Schafer was already in CF. So I guess AAG will go to SS, Lugo to 3b, and Prado to LF.

  66. Who’s playing center?? Chip didn’t think that was an important thing to mention this inning.

    @146, Didn’t notice that either.

  67. 150 — No, but that’s not a bad thing since AAG is in that spot and Ross is the only PH left.

  68. @151 – Opinions vary… Please tell me Sherrill’s going into McCann’s spot.

  69. Only good thing about this is maybe Frank Wren gets off his ass now and makes a trade!

  70. @160 Until Liberty says, “No payroll increase.” Sorry, there’s stockholders to be placated.

  71. 159 — Yes, it would be moronic not to do that, now. But I didn’t see Tosca go to the umpire.

  72. Joe said that the pitcher’s spot is first, Ross is in McCann’s spot, and AAG is in the 6 hole.

  73. If I recall correctly they didn’t make the pitching change yet when they took McCann out.

  74. 170 — Looked like an oblique strain when he tried to throw out a runner stealing.

  75. Just remember though…we have lots of pitching in the minors. I guess that makes Wren and Liberty sleep well at night, doesn’t do so much for me

  76. At least the Braves brought in the Lisp before the Proctologist.

    This is going to be a funny looking box score in the morning.

  77. The question isn’t if the braves will loose this game, but what will be the straw that mercifully breaks this camel’s back?

  78. @186 If you think Jason is going to do anything positive at the plate, you are crazy. Any hit he gets at this point is a gift.

  79. Is Heyward waiting for the ball on a tee? He takes so many nut high pitches it is ridiculous

  80. Simpson would really have Schafer bunt here with one out if a pitcher wasn’t batting next?

  81. I have seen too many of these games over the last couple of years.

    This is getting absolutely ridiculous. We are dropping like flies. Wren is going to have to trade for warm bodies just to finish the year at this rate.

  82. Bethany pointed this out yesterday… Prado kinda sucks this year. A corner outfielder that can hit would be really useful.

  83. Is it anyone else, or has Prado been killing the Braves lately? With big at-bats with no hits and crushing errors at third base.

  84. It is not that Prado has sucked this year. He had a career year last year. Prado is an solid Mid IF/utility man miscast as an everyday corner player because Liberty Media sucks as owners.

    He is coming back down to earth from last year. Solid player, but the braves ask so much of him.

  85. I kind of like it when I come home, expecting to watch the archived game on mlb.tv, and it’s still going on in the 12th inning. Yeah live action.

  86. Prado’s BABIP is also 45 points below his career average…his peripherals are all near his career norms.

  87. I’m not against calling out Prado for struggling, but to do so because he’s a “corner outfielder” is extremely disingenuous.

  88. I’m not blaming Prado for not being a corner outfielder, just pointing out that we need one.

  89. I’m not against calling out Prado for struggling, but to do so because he’s a “corner outfielder” is extremely disingenuous.

    Hey, the commercial says he can do “everything.”

  90. So many blown chances. First and second and no one out and it surprised no one they couldn’t score there.

  91. So tell me again what AAG’s value is?

    Apparently just the fact he’s not Escobar and doesn’t jump up and down in the on-deck circle.

  92. I’ve been reluctant to criticize Alex Gonzalez because I hated Yunel Escobar’s dumb tips-frosted ass. But I’m pissed enough now to publicly berate AAG with the disclaimer that I still wouldn’t want Yunel back. Because I still hate him. And he’s a dumbass.

  93. You know what happens when we don’t bring Proctor in? They don’t score runs. This pen is tight.

  94. Did Chip just say “hot smash to second?” That sounds disgusting.

    Time to rough ’em up in the bottom half.

  95. So we’ve got a one-handed Schafer, and the pitcher’s spot with no PH’s available, this inning. Awesome.

  96. Single to the right by the Lisp. Of course he bunted with 1 out last time. I know, I know, it’s a decent call. I just hate the bunt.

  97. Morphine and Percocet? You should post a Spiritualized song.

    Now the best back-up catcher in baseball

  98. Boscan’s on the 40 man, even though he’s sucked it will probably be him. Mathew Kennelly has a solid OBP but isn’t on the 40 man.

  99. How much are you selling your morphine for Mac? Beer ain’t cutting it for this game.

  100. I’m getting ready to jinx myself but …

    Kinda like the dichotomy of Bethany on the treadmill, the Braves have lost the last nine games I’ve seen. Going to bed and hoping for the best.

  101. Whatever happened to Sammons?

    Edit: seems to be with the Florida Marlins organization now.

  102. I just hope someone scores this inning. LISP deserves a win, but this offense just cant do anything once someone gets in scoring position.

  103. Umpires are jokes

    Replace them with computers, and throw one into to replace fredi while youre at it.

  104. Can we just bring in Proctor to get this thing over with? I want to see LISP blow up on this ump…

  105. Somebody, somewhere, someday soon is going to lose it on an umpire one day and it is going to get ugly. Some guy is going to lose it on an umpire and hurt one of them one day.

    When it happens, the media and fans are going to go nuts and decry the sanctity of the game, etc., but damn if the Jerry Meals, Bob Davidson’s and that guy who looks like Super Mario, are just frankly asking for it with their actions.

  106. So, no position players, but Hudson was a college outfielder and Beachy was a college infielder, in case there’s an injury.

  107. The Lisp is kind of a pretty good pitcher. It’s pure insanity that he’s been lower on the bullpen depth chart than Proctor.

  108. I don’t think it’s as much that he’s lower as that they like to keep him rested for situations like this.

  109. Cristhian has really pitched tonight. Great job.

    It’s a shame that 4 (will it be 5?) innings of shut-out relief is going to get him sent to Gwinnett tomorrow, since he will be unavailable for 3 days after this.

  110. @290

    Freeman was a pitcher i believe, maybe we see him on the mound with Huddy at first before proctor sees the light of day.

  111. I keep seeing the 3 names due up each bottom half, and thinking ‘Well, it won’t be this inning.. but we gotta be coming up on our good hitter’s soon.’

  112. Been out all night, though I’ve been monitoring the game on my phone. The home plate umpire has been awful, eh? Shocking.

  113. Anybody into 60’s and 70’s reggae? Doesn’t Andrew McCutchen look alot like Bunny Wailer?

  114. I’m glad that kid is having a good time at the game, but someone needs to move him away from the mic.

  115. The Lisp has to be a better pitcher than Lowe, doesn’t he? I’d much rather watch him than sweaty ass Lowe anyway.

  116. Martinez has been starting for Gwinnett. I think he can go one or two more.

    I have lost interest in this game, does that make me a bad person?

  117. Happy Meals is the McDonald’s of umpires. In a profession noted for a high instance of assheads, it really takes a lot to step to the forefront as the biggest asshead of all.

    That’s a bit too brief. Self-censoring the rest.

  118. @320 – Not a bad person, just a bad fan. There will be no place for you at the championship parade.

  119. Man, I was really hoping they wouldn’t bunt there. I don’t know why I bothered.

  120. Schafer’s bunt was a classic no-lose. What, is he going to get an actual hit?

    Prado’s due, right?

  121. “with guts like a cat burglar”


    This is the announcer who once said, in reference to hungry bees: “maybe they’re going to Ar-bees (Arby’s).”

  122. You gotta admit: It’s pretty damned cool to have a relief pitcher with two sacrifice hits in the same game.

    Okay, no. You don’t.

  123. It’s too bad we have to put so much pressure on the guy coming off the DL with a staph infection.

  124. I’d rather have a starter pitch next and call up Minor or Delgado for a turn than let Proctor in for one pitch.

  125. So how tired does Cristhian have to be before he’s worse than a fresh Scott Proctor? 140 pitches? 160?

  126. Was going to say “wish the Braves could have Johnson back from the Diamondbacks,” so Prado could assume the Infante role. But a quick check reveals:


    Though the 17 home runs are right at the top for second basemen.

  127. I meant his OPS. I was a little high.

    Unlike that pitch, which was right down Broadway. Are McKenry and Meals an item or something? How will McKenry ever know if he’s good enough to stick in the majors without this guy spoonfeeding him calls?

  128. Good look for Proctor…sitting in the bullpen by himself. The only place I would rather see him is on a bus leaving town tomorrow

  129. Seriously, dude, if you’re too tired to call balls and strikes, just suspend the game or find an alternate or something.

  130. One wonders if Proctor feels any hint of shame while watching Martinez pitch till he drops, because the team has no faith in him even though he’s sucking up a roster spot.

  131. You think AGon watched McCutchen bust his ass up the line and thought, “Huh, I wonder if I should do that too?”

  132. Meals obviously has money on the Pirates. Good thing the Lisp is untouchable tonight.

  133. The Lisp has now pitched 6, the same amount of innings as our starter, but with 5 fewer hits, 2 fewer walks, and 3 fewer runs, while striking out the same amount of batters.

    I really think he ought to have been used more during the first half of the season. But no, he’s the one that gets sent to the minors.

  134. They just showed a fan on the broadcast, right behind the dugout with his two kids… I swear I thought it was Tyler Yates.

  135. Man, I’m legitimately surprised that Meals didn’t call that pitch that almost hit Ross a strike.

  136. I’m impressed that he let four balls go by, one of which was close, with the crowd chanting his name like that.

  137. 2-0 on Agony..somebody take his bat away before he can swing

    Or throw it at the people in the stands again.

  138. Can alex lose his bat and hit that kid in the head. I know it sounds horrible, but christ, Its too late for that.

    Great freeman looks hurt

  139. It’s sad how every person on the planet who is paying attention to this game knew it would be a soft grounder to short or an infield popup.

  140. Look at the bright side: if Proctor blows this, and he will, there will be no option but to get rid of him. I mean, right?

  141. A normal kid, even an 8 year old, would be worn out from yelling for 17 consecutive innings.

  142. This is the one situation where it is acceptable to use Scott Proctor: to prevent the heat death of the universe caused by an infinite succession of boring extra innings.

  143. Not many games are decided by which team has the better 25th man. But as the cliche’ goes, the chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

  144. The Lisp is my new favorite Brave. That was an incredible and gutsy outing. Mad props.

  145. Pirates advance scouts must really suck if they think it is ever a good idea to bunt against Proctor.

  146. I loathe Liberty Media by limiting Frank Wren’s budget to slip-shod “solutions” like Scott Proctor.

  147. Wren is the one that decided to give Proctor a major league contract and continues to let him stay on the team.

  148. Walker and McCutchen. Candy.

    Yep, better walk Walker just to make sure it’s totally out of reach for our offense.

  149. Walker looks like he’s on something at the plate right now.

    Odds on McCutchen hitting a 3R bomb??

  150. Walking a guy to get to put runners on first and second for an All-Star? We just saw this a few days ago in Colorado, and I remember not liking the ending. Apparently Fredlot doesn’t.

  151. Proctor doesn’t throw better strikes than that one, ump. We can be here all night, it’s up to you.

  152. Our hitters better make the most of this; the way Proctor pitched, we won’t get a second chance to win.

  153. I am laughing the hysterical laugh of despair. If Scott Proctor couldn’t end this misbegotten abomination of a baseball contest, what, tell me WHAT, IN THE NAME OF GOD, can end it now?

  154. Wow, who knew.

    Okay guys, don’t tempt fate with another inning of Proctor. Time to end this.

  155. Wow. I’m pretty sure Sasquatch just walked past my window, and I saw the Loch Ness Monster swimming in my bathtub. Oh, and Scott Proctor threw a scoreless inning.

  156. Before we start looking for the win, let’s remember that after Heyward it goes Lugo, Schafer, Proctor.

    It’s up to Heyward.

  157. Chip is really obsessed with the time–like he has never been up late….

  158. So after Heywards predictably weak out to start the inning, I guess we are on to the 18th

  159. Lugo picks the worst times for his hits. Except that one time. But tonight, the worst times.

  160. I would be okay with forfeiting if Scott bunts a ball into his face and the Braves can’t continue.

  161. So, seriously…at what point do they just call for a suspension? And if they were to do that, would the teams really be limited to the players currently on the field? We would see Scott Proctor and Notdrew McCutchen go back out there?

  162. #452–I think that we need to be down by 4 first–which is certainly possible with Proctor pitching….

  163. well, lightning doesn’t strike twice. The Pirates are gonna get across the plate this inning, I fear.

  164. @461 A suspension can kick in at 2 a.m. local time, I believe. And you are limited to who’s on the roster, so, yes, McCutchen and Proctor would remain as the pitchers.

  165. Okay, that was… weird. Why did they throw a strike first? Is someone actually asleep in the dugout?

  166. proctor throws a first pitch strike… and then they intentionally walk the batter… i don’t know why i even bother.

  167. But seriously, has anyone ever seen that before? They get strike 1, no base is stolen, nothing changes, and suddenly the pitching team just decides to issue an intentional walk? What was possibly going through everyone’s heads just there?

  168. And now we’re doomed, because Paul and Pearce are real hitters, while Proctor’s not a real pitcher.

  169. The choice was to face McKenry or Paul, by the way. Man on first or men on second and third.

  170. 481 – No

    that looked like something you would do on MLB the show or something.

    If that kid screaming for the Pirates doesn’t get a shit ton of swag from the pirates, then there is no justice in this world.

    Don’t get me wrong, I hate that kid, but fair is fair.

  171. Is it snowing where any of you are living? Or raining frogs? What we have seen is divine intervention.

  172. Every good thing that happens is ruined by Chip. He needs a sub.

    Alright fellas, I need to sleep. Let’s get a run.

  173. A no-hitter for Jurrjens/Hudson/Hanson = two scoreless innings for Proctor. Same level of accomplishment relative to skill level.

  174. The best part about this game going so long is that those of us watching on mlb.tv don’t keep getting annoying popups when highlights happen in other games. They’re all done.

  175. So… what happens now? Is Proctor going to pitch a 3rd inning? Just tempt fate? Is there no way to get a starter up?

  176. What’s the biggest story tonight? McCann’s injury? The 18 innings? The performance by Lisp? Proctor surviving two scoreless innings? Or that girl?

    I vote the girl. I find her legitimately unsettling.

  177. At some point you have to put in today’s starter and call someone else up for the start.

  178. Braves should just give up and let the girl have her win. The Braves don’t deserve to win another game all season.

  179. 523- Neither do the Pirates. Proctor just pitched two shutout innings against them.

  180. I’m guessing her father kept her in an isolation chamber with only generic Pittsburgh sports chants piped in at high volume.

  181. It would seem that the advantage should have swung decisively to pitchers at this point…all the hitters are dog tired, you would figure their visual acuity, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor control would be shot.

  182. Great, now they IBB Uggla to get to AAG. Dont understand that steal.

    edit: apparently, the Pirates arent paying attention

  183. Yeah, awesome, let’s get AAG up here.

    The Pirates do know that only Freeman matters as a base runner, right?

  184. Mike Minor’s scheduled start is tonight anyway. If the Braves don’t score here, I say put in Jair and call up Minor for tonight.

  185. We need Elias or Stats Inc. to tell us the last time someone went 0-for-9.

  186. So I left for an hour and missed nothing. Great!!!

    You missed two miraculous Proctor scoreless innings and ear-raping chanting of a young girl in left field.

  187. Let me just say, solid work by the posters here tonight. Got to be way past bedtime for most of y’all.

  188. This seems like the twelfth time tonight that AAG has come up with two on and two out and failed, and he didn’t even enter the game until the ninth.

  189. Wow, must be tough for a SS to force someone on a liner to center. Although AAG’s listlessness brings a fresh horizon of possibilities out there.

  190. This must be what they were talking about in Inception when they referenced limbo. Time is standing still and my brain has turned to mush

  191. Baseball-Reference has Trot Nixon going 0-9 against the White Sox on July 9, 2006. The Dodgers’ John Shelby was the last guy to go 0-10, back in 1989.

  192. Hahaha. “Lined to center field!… and picked up by Cedeno just shy of the grass.”

    A classic Chipism.

  193. AAG swung at the first pitch after 2 straight walks. He also pulled a pitch to SS that was a breaking ball a foot outside.

  194. “Freddie Freeman” and “Scott Proctor” are trending worldwide on Twitter. And this game deserves so much better than Chip Caray.

  195. AAG now has an OPS below .600. I sure hope he keeps everyone in stitches in that locker room.

  196. Fortunately, screaming pirate girl seems to freak them out as much as it does us. We still have a chance.

  197. Why is JJ “not a candidate” to pitch tonight?

    Don’t encourage the management’s lack of creative thought Joe. I mean I know you haven’t had one since 1983, but that doesn’t mean you have to encourage it in others.

  198. @572- seriously. It’s not like this game becomes throwaway just because it’s in the 19th- D-backs are only, what, 3 games behind in the WC right now?

  199. Screaming Pirate Girl is (blessedly?) absent from the radio feed.

    In other news, I think and hope they’ll suspend before opening the 21st.

  200. Amazingly, Proctor has thrown as many balls as he has strikes in his 3 scoreless innings. Smoke and mirrors that leaves the Braves’ brass oo-ing and aw-ing.

  201. Nothing has surprised me more than proctor throwing 3 scoreless innings tonight, even if they gave him 2 outs.

    Nothing has surprised me less than the AB AAG has put up.

  202. Btw, the Pirates haven’t brought in Hanrahan yet. You know why? Yep – because they’re in an extra-inning game on the road, and you can’t bring in your best pitcher until you have a lead.

    Not that it matters. Only two or three Braves ever seem to hit the ball out of the infield.

  203. I’m hearing the Pirates kid on the radio feed. It’s not significant enough to comment on, but it’s definitely noticeable.

  204. Best part about MLBTV on PS3 is you can get the radio feed instead of the two monkeys.

  205. Risky business here. One out, so the runner at third could score… but not on a DP. Two outs and Prado wastes it. Tough call.

  206. SPG better get a load of signed swag or Pirates deserve to be erased from history.

    Also the ump deserves to be fired and never allowed into a stadium again.

  207. @634 No “possibly” about it. Jerry Meals just made last year’s World Cup referees look competent.

  208. Slow ground ball to the left side, Lugo was dead to rights, he did some weird, shy away from contact, weak, fall backwards slide and the catcher glanced the tag on his leg and waved the glove over his arm a couple times. He was obviously out, but that was a terrible tag on a play that shouldn’t have been close at all.

  209. What’s remarkable is that he is definitely going to become THE story now for every sports outlet tomorrow. This was a 19th inning game(!)–everybody will see it now. I’m baffled by that call; there was absolutely no possible way to see Lugo as safe.

  210. 633 — Proctor hit a grounder to third, Lugo came home, Alvarez threw to the plate and the throw beat him, the tag beat him, he didn’t make it to the plate until a minute later, and the umpire called him safe.

  211. Put it this way, how catchers frame pitches to get called strikes? McKenry did the opposite on that tag and made it look like a whiff, though it should have been obvious from five feet.

  212. Thanks guys- SC is showing commercial after commercial and now some X-games crap. Hopefully they’ll get around to showing a Braves highlight for once- but being ESPN, I won’t hold my breath.

  213. My prediction about someone killing an umpire almost came true sooner than I thought.

    If we make the playoffs by a game and the Pirates lose out by a game, it will be a shame.

    Sorry about their luck, but I will take it.


    That is, without a doubt, the worst call I’ve ever seen. Without hyperbole, Jerry Meals should be fired after that game.

  215. Proctor hit a weak GB on an 0-2 pitch to the SS, Lugo broke for home nevertheless and was a dead duck at the plate. The catcher tagged him with a swiping move on several parts of the body for the out and blocked the plate so that Lugo never touched it. When the play was over and everybody expected the ump to call Lugo out, Lugo – who still stood next to home plate – almost incidentally stepped on the plate and – to his and everyones surprise – was called safe to end the game.

    Thank you, ump.

  216. Holy cow, what an abrupt end to the game. I’m actually kind of bummed about it.

  217. I’ve never seen a worse call, at least at such a juncture in the game. If we were Pirates fans, we would bring this up for years.

  218. I just knew the first play at the plate would be called safe no matter what. I’d be seething mad if I was a Pirates fan…or player. They wanted to murder him.

  219. Yes, I stayed awake too and yes, Jerry Meals maybe getting death threats from enraged Pirates fans. They may in fact be even more enraged that Jerry Meals turned Scott Proctor into a game hero.

  220. Clint Hurdle turned a nuclear shade of red which is not too far off from his usual shade of orange sherbet

  221. Finally saw the highlight. As the Trailer Park Boys would say, “Oh my fuck.” That was unbelievable. I can’t wait to see what Clint Hurdle says about this- he should be able to rip Meals with impunity for that garbage.

  222. #636–Yeah, that was pretty rich…..with Proctor on the ground the Pirates should have had the DP….

  223. The braves did not win that game. I am speechless.

    And proctor would’ve still been out at 1st.

  224. Pretty sure the tag only glanced his leg and didn’t get anything else (brushed jersey possibly?). The catcher made a bare minimum effort on an easy play and got burned.

  225. This is usually the kind of call that goes against us, isn’t it? my god…. that has to be one of the worst calls of all time

  226. After my comment at #59, I went to bed. I woke up five minutes ago, grabbed my iPad in full anticipation of another loss, saw “3-3, 19th inning” on the scorebord, logged into MLB.TV and watched Scott Proctor coming to the plate. Still half asleep, it dawned on me that I might be watching something out of the ordinary.

    Morning recap indeed, I guess.

    Great to have you back among the living, Mac.

  227. 666- Same odds as a post about Proctor would be number 666?

    Hurdle gets kicked out during the lineup card exchange tomorrow, count it.

    I think I would have killed the guy if I was the Pirates. I really do.

    The Eric Gregg game was the worst game I ever saw. I hated him so much that when he died of a heart attack, I laughed my ass off. I still do.

    If I was a Pirate fan, Jerry Meals would rank up on my hate list like Gregg does mine.

  228. Funny how the real call sounded like one of Chip’s call. Tagged out, he’s safe.

  229. You gotta love that it was comment 666 about Proctor getting post game interview.

    Keep in mind Freeman saved Proctor’s mediocre ass two innings earlier with that line drive take away.

  230. And now, the worst analogy ever, courtesy of Peanut on Twitter:

    “Proctor completes a third scoreless inning. Those doubting him were probably the ones calling for Falcons to trade Favre”

  231. Everyone looked shocked – Lugo, the catcher, Alvarez, Proctor. At first I thought the safe sign was just an odd out sign. I need to sleep. I hope I’ll be able to sleep.

  232. #676

    The difference is that as angry as the Pirates have a right to be tonight, Fat ass Gregg cost us the 1997 NLCS and possibly our 2nd world series championship.

    There’s a special place in HELL for Gregg – I will never forgive or forget – just like I will NEVER forgive the Ump who called Ron Gant out after Hrbek lifted him off first base in 1991 – or forgive the Twins for making a 20th anniversary bobblehead of that horrible cheating moment this year.

  233. When Mac sees what happened he may think he is having a reaction from his pain killers.

  234. the best part is when mac wakes up in the morning and sees 700+ comments on a Braves-Pirates Tuesday night game; then he sits to read some of them and finds out that Scott Proctor threw three shutout innings and had the game winning RBI – and most of us want to give it back…he’s gonna wonder if he’s back under the anesthesia or something…

  235. I talked to Mac on the phone today and he and I joked that the Braves performance is what’s keeping him down right now. I’ll look forward to calling him tomorrow with the details on this one.

  236. 680 – Yes, because Brett Favre was the football equivalent of a journeyman reliever whose career FIP was about 5. Peanut may actually be mentally deficient. Like, he might require someone to clean up his chin after he eats, and dress him, and make sure he doesn’t hurt himself with something sharp when unattended.

  237. Does that make Peanut dumber than Chip? Peanut’s seen our games. He knows, or ought to, that tonight only lowered Proctor’s ERA to 6.48, and that required a great play by Freeman in the 18th. And he compares Proctor to an all-time great? How does that make sense, even when sleep-deprived?

  238. I think the Bowman/Favre thing was tongue in cheek. Maybe that’s too much credit.

  239. What a game. What a thread. Thanks for sharing the experience guys. Sleep well everybody.

  240. I still say the tag was iffy. Lugo says he didn’t feel it, LOL.

    Prado was good for it, anyways.

  241. Rob Neyer on twitter saying lugo was safe.

    In other news, Rob has been drinking tonight.

  242. Good morning from Switzerland. Didn’t expect to catch the last inning of Braves baseball when I arrived at work this morning. Just scrolled through this thread. Awesome guys!!

  243. Jerry Meals’ explanation, per Peanut:


    “I saw the tag, but he looked like he oléd him and I called him safe for that. I looked at the replays and it appeared he might have got him on the shin area. I’m guessing he might have got him, but when I was out there when it happened I didn’t see a tag.

    “I just saw the glove sweep up. I didn’t see the glove hit his leg.”

    So in other words, he admits he saw the tag, but called him safe anyway. Freaking buffoon.

  244. If someone could overlay Skip’s audio from The Slide onto video of that play, it would make my life.

  245. Heyward gets crap from Joe Simpson for sliding head first all the time, but he didn’t say a word about Proctor doing it. I think we all recognize the insidious double standard here.

  246. Bethany and Dan,

    Thanks for those shots of the tag. DirectTV cut off our MLB feed sometime around the 17th inning, so I had to listen to the rest of the game on the radio. What a wacky finish!

    Go, Braves!

  247. Morning after reflection: That has to be the least satisfying epic win I’ve ever experienced as a fan of any team.

  248. Morning after reflection: That has to be the least satisfying epic win I’ve ever experienced as a fan of any team.

    ….because of McCann’s injury?

  249. I think he was out, but I don’t think it was even close to the worst call I’ve ever seen. Meals was in a good position and I believe him when he said he thought the catcher swept past Lugo without tagging him. I would still be mad if I was a Pirates fan, but with so many bad calls going against Atlanta this year, I’ll take this one with no complaints.

  250. Does anyone realize that Brian McCann is going on the disabled list? What is going on with this team? Is the training staff this bad or is it simply incredibly bad luck?

    As bad a call as it was–clearly the umpire wanted to go home–neither team has a right to complain about losing when they go 14 innings without scoring.

  251. @722

    That was just bad luck on McCann’s part. I think this forces Frank Wren to get a bigger bat.

  252. Replay would have not reversed the call because it was inconclusive. From the outfield shot it could have been an ole’

  253. Ross is best back up catcher in baseball. I worry about CJ and Success if CJ misses games. Gutty game for Success. No balls were hit to him for 10 innings!!

  254. Saw the replay from behind the plate. I can understand why that call was made, but that was still a terrible call.

  255. The more I watch it, the more uncertain I am of whether he was out or not. I agree that replay would not have been able to reverse the call.

    I’m happy with the win, but all in all I feel unsatisfied. McCann got injured, both Prado and Heyward look horrible, and the whole country feels badly for the Pirates now. Plus, somehow Scott Proctor may have solidified his spot on the roster. The man has a 6.48 ERA and a 5.91 FIP. Please let him be gone soon.

  256. Like Remy, I lost the DirecTV feed at 1 AM, but continued “watching” on the ESPN cellphone gamecast-like app.

    My only comment: as a longtime Braves fan (since ’66) who still isn’t certain Sid Bream was safe, I have to say that if there’s a close play at the plate (or even a not close play) I want to be playing the Pirates.

  257. Pirates should have played percentage and walked Proctor to set up force at home. (J/K)

  258. Excellent work last night, Braves Journalers. I went to bed at 11 Central and still had hundreds of hilarious comments to sort through this morning.

  259. Lost in all of this is the fact that Uggla was actually above the Mendoza line for most of the game last night! It lasted from the 2nd inning to the 16th inning.

  260. Wow, fun to read the posts of those of you endured last night! Have seen the replay from several angles and from one angle it does appear that the tag might have missed him or barely grazed him. Proctors face plant is epic!

  261. Folks, don’t become convinced he was actually safe. First, Lugo clearly knew he was out, based on his reaction. Second, Meals called him safe before he even touched the plate. Plus, I’m not sure what angle you guys are seeing it from, but watching it last night, there was no question the tag was applied.

    Also, Pirates fans are obsessed with the Sid Bream play. You’d think, if he were actually out, we’d have heard about it by now.

  262. There are many, many things about which I am uncertain in this crazy world, but one thing that I know absolutely to be true: Sid Bream was safe.

  263. Regarding Fredi and Proctor, I am comforted by the fact that the former held out 16 innings before using the latter.

    You can’t be mad because we won, but offensively, this team is currently held together by a thread.

  264. Just thinking out loud: This is the kind of blown call that will give catchers incentive to block the plate with their bodies to leave no doubt of contact. After all of this post-Posey talk about proper technique and applying swipe-tags, this game just showed why catchers elect to stand on the baseline.

  265. @739 That two dimensional shot merely show that glove was above leg, not that it was in contact. Inconclusive

  266. @737

    Lugo’s right foot ends up standing on home plate after the slide, before he was called safe. And I’m sure Lugo expected to be called out since he shouldn’t have run anyways, so I’m not sure that cinches it either.

    Agree that the tag was applied, but the TV view closest to Meals’s angle looks like a pretty big whiff with maybe a slight touch to the leg–once, not two or three different places like some have said. If you aren’t going to give an automatic, “neighborhood” out call, then it was tough to tell if the tag was applied. A lot of that is on the catcher for me, who had plenty of time to not make a ridiculous swipe that grazed Lugo (also probably would have been easier to knock loose since he one-handed it). It’s clearer from the third-base side view, but that’s not where Meals was, nor should he have been.

    On it’s own merit, the call wasn’t that bad. Add in that Meals probably shouldn’t be that picky on a tag on that type of play and the inning/result, and it gets worse, but still not historically bad. Maybe just run-of-the-mill bad.

    MLB.com replay

  267. I went to bed after the 16th (figuring Proctor = loss). My wife wakes me up saying the morning newscasters were mad the Braves won, I first go to Braves Journal and see over 700 posts, then check the highlights. I’ve seen some bad calls, but for one single call, this had to be the worst, but I’ll take it, we need it with McCann going on the DL.

  268. Watching the MLB.com replay above.

    At 1:17, you see McKenry swipe across his body, and it sure looks like he tagged him.

    But at 1:40, they show a longview of the play from the third-base line, and at 1:47, you can see McKenry alligator armed the tag. I’m not sure the tag didn’t just go over the top of him.

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