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I’m sorry, this was mentioned in the game thread, I just wanted to get the horrible pun out there. Anyway, Rheal Cormier, who is so bad that the Reds released him after throwing three innings over six appearances, with a 9.00 ERA, has been signed to a minor league contract and assigned to Richmond. He is 40 years old but was effective as recently as last season, though he may be done. He’s a LOOGY. I’ll write him up if he’s called up, as I expect he eventually will. Another Canadian (thereby allowing me to unleash Bryan Adams, Anne Murray, or even the Dreaded Celine in a game thread video) he is presumably no relation to Louisiana-born Lance.

2 thoughts on “Braves Cormier the market”

  1. I would guess this move is a backup in case McBride becomes a starter and Bobby’s fetish for having two left-handers in the bullpen re-emerges.

  2. I’m not surprised they signed him to a minor league deal, but is Macbride really pitching so badly that Cormier would get called up ahead of him? More likely Redman will get first shot at being LOOGY.

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