Braves trade Green |

When a clubhouse attendant told Braves infielder Nick Green that Bobby Cox needed to see him in the manger’s office, Green had a bad feeling.

“That was kind of a long walk from the training room to Bobby’s office,” said Green, who soon was informed by Cox that he’d been traded to the Tampa Bay Devil Rays… “I knew something was going to happen, I was just hoping it wasn’t me,” said Green.

And I bet he was really hoping he wasn’t going to be traded to the Slough of Despond, aka the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. Though the good news for him is that he’ll probably play more there.

Scheurholz on why he traded for Sosa instead of a lefty:

The Braves would like to acquire another left-handed reliever, and had discussed Tampa Bay lefties Bobby Seay and veteran Trever Miller. But the Braves say Sosa has more upside potential that either of them, and they will try to find another lefty.

“In the opinion of our scouts, [Sosa] is exactly what we need for our bullpen right now,” said Schuerholz, who said if the Braves need to start the season with Tom Martin as their only lefty reliever, they wouldn’t have a problem doing so.

I put it to you that Scheurholz is so full of s— that his hair won’t turn white.