– Furcal gets a house call

According to this, there are basically two suitors (with the Mets dropping out), the Braves and Cubs. And the contract offers are for similar values — four or five years, approximately $10 million a season. Given Furcal’s comfort level, the support the franchise gave him after DUI II, and the tax situations, I can’t imagine he’d leave the Braves unless the Cubs offered a good deal more money or an additional year. The Trib is practically the house organ for the Cubs — after all, the Tribune Company owns the team — and they sure sound like they’re telling the fans not to expect Furcal to sign. “Hey, we got Bobby Howry! And we’re about to sign John Mabry! What are you going to do, root for the White Sox?”

So he’s probably going to Chicago, considering my track record in these things.