And after the rains departed, they played. Starting at 11 PM after all but 5,000 fans had departed, and not finishing until well after I had gone to sleep. It’s all good, though.

John Thomson, who had been struggling mightily (and whose starts always seem to come on rainy days) gave the Braves six strong innings, allowing only three hits and one run. Alfonseca, Reitsma, and Gryboski each pitched an inning to finish it. A five-run lead? Sounds like the best time for Gryboski to me.

Drew hit a two-run homer in the third, an inning in which the Braves got three runs to take control of the game. (After four, it was already 5-1.) Nick Green, another guy who needed a good game, had three hits, including a double. Andruw had two, also including a double, and Charles Thomas joined the two-hit parade and is now hitting .357. Still feeling frisky, Julio hit a triple.

Bad news in that Johnny Estrada left the game in the third after getting hit by a pitch. The game story insinuates that it was payback for Drew’s homer, but Chipper, not Estrada, hit after Drew. I assume he’ll be ready to go tonight.