World’s most dangerous rain delays

They may play this game, they may not. I have to work tomorrow, so I’m not likely to see the end of it. See you in the morning.

8 thoughts on “World’s most dangerous rain delays”

  1. I’m on the west coast and I may not make it through this rain delay. I did just enjoy watching Shame Reynolds go two solid innings for the D-backs against the Padres. He gave up six runs on six doubles, a few singles, couple of walks, and some overall horrible pitching. It made me really nostalgic.

  2. First pitch scheduled at 10:55. I’m surprised the players went along with that – what if the game goes extra innings?

  3. Seriously, is a double header so bad that the first pitch doesn’t happen until 10:56Pm Eastern time? Guess the Umps don’t have any plans tomorrow morning.

  4. I can’t believe that they start the game. Crap. I look forward to baseball and the umps whoever decide to start the game at 11:00pm. Am I going to have to get a satellite dish to see Braves games?

  5. That was a very good at bat by Andruw. He fouled off a tough fastball that was a strike, refused to swing at the low and away pitch, then went the other way to deep right center with the pitch that caught too much of the plate and hammered it. If only Gonzalez hadn’t decided to send him on a shallow liner to left…

  6. I guess that it shows how desparate I am for Braves baseball. On Braves Buzz I noted that they took Andruw out for the last inning. Kinda like Kremlin watching but should anyone make anything out of that? I’ve never seen the Braves take out the best defensive centerfielder in baseball in the last inning ever.

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