Atlanta 7 NY Mets 1 (Game 2) – MLB – Recap

Okay, so it worked out. Byrd allowed a leadoff homer but then shut down the Mets for eight innings on only six more hits. He threw exactly 100 pitches, struck out four, and didn’t walk any. Reitsma pitched a perfect ninth.

Drew went 4-5 in the game, driving in three and scoring once. Chipper was 2-3 with two walks, and Eddie, LaRoche, and Green all had two hits. The Braves’ big inning was the third, when they scored four runs with two out, Drew and LaRoche each doubling in a pair. Wise actually drew two walks — if he could do such a thing regularly he’d be a worthwhile player.

The Phillies, in fact, lost, finally. They are eleven back. The Marlins are eight back, and the magic number is thirteen. Ortiz faces Kristen Benson tonight.

4 thoughts on “Atlanta 7 NY Mets 1 (Game 2)”

  1. Looking at your last thread, I fully expected to see Mike Hessman in the box score.

    His signing was widely derided and $10 million for 2/3 of one season is hardly a bargain, but I’d hate to think of where we might be without Paul Byrd. He’s really stepped up.

    He’s a pauper’s Brad Radke, but he’s filled a role nicely this season.

  2. does any one know how many more years Hampton has on his contract ?

    The answer, unfortunately, is four.

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