– MLB – Recap – Braves at Nationals

Note for any aspiring umpires out there: If you reverse a call, you better be really sure that the call was wrong. Brian Jordan hit a fly ball in the seventh inning that passed between the foul pole and the wall (because this park is no more a major league facility than it is Notre Dame Cathedral) and it was called — properly — a home run. But Robinson bitched about it and the umpires reversed the call. Jordan then made an out. The Braves lost by one run. You do the math.

The Braves were held to 4 3 hits by the combination of Tomo Ohka, Gary Majewski, and Chad Cordero. All those guys have been pitching well, but still. They got a run via some bad defense in the third, but Kelly Johnson grounded into a double play with the bases loaded to end the inning. He grounded into another one in the first. He still looks good out there — he’s working the count and hitting the ball hard. He drew another walk today and the hits will come if he doesn’t grow impatient. Andruw hit a homer with two out in the ninth. It’s probably his fault that there was nobody on.

Kyle Davies proved he’s human, giving up his first run in the fourth and fading when Bobby tried to get another inning out of him and being lucky to get charged with only one run in the sixth. He threw 106 pitches, which shows his real problem, that he can’t seem to work efficiently. He allowed seven hits, including four doubles, struck out four and walked three.

Foster bailed him out in the sixth with some neat pitching. Colon came in in the seventh and allowed a run. I’m pretty sure Bobby wouldn’t have used him if the game had been tied, as it should have been. (And I keep harping, I know.) Actually, I don’t know why Colon is still in the majors, and his ERA is now 7.63. Gryboski hit a guy but that was all in the eighth.

In addition to the bad walls, the stadium was torn up for a soccer game this weekend. Soccer. You have got to be kidding me… The Marlins lost to the Pirates, but you can’t count on that happening again and the division race is growing tight so you have to worry about everyone. Tomorrow, Mike Hampton will start, if he is able to come off the DL, against John Patterson, if he is able to come off the DL.