– New York Mets

This doesn’t have that much to do with the Braves, but checking in on our self-appointed arch-rivals (bwhahahahahahaha!!!!) the Mets want Kris Benson. You may remember, last year it was the Braves who supposedly wanted Kris Benson, and some fools were circulating a ridiculous Benson-for-Marcus Giles rumor. (Which some Pirates fans still believe in — yeah, the Braves were going to trade an all-star second baseman, with no quality backup, for a starting pitcher with constant injuries and a career ERA of 4.27 and a season ERA over 5.) I eventually took to pointing out that his real name, I am not making this up, is “Kristin”, and that the Braves weren’t about to trade for a girl.

Anyway, it seems that the Pirates are shopping her again and it seems that they still want too much — I’m guessing David Wright. I think somebody needs to acquaint them with reality. The Mets are hard up for starting pitching, and the top starter on the market is Russ Ortiz, whom we can safely assume isn’t going to wear the blue and orange anytime soon.