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The TBS Braves are a whole lot better than the Turner South Braves, that’s for sure. Desperately in need of a win, the Braves found themselves down 4-1 after the first. I’m thinking, “Here we go again”. But for once, it was the Braves who rallied from an early deficit, and the other guys who couldn’t build on an early lead.

Hampton looked awful in the first, giving up four hits, including two doubles, walking a man, and committing an error. You figure he’s doomed, but from then on he pretty much shut down the Marlins. Alfonseca and Reitsma did an inning apiece — Reitsma returning to good form — and Smoltz struck out two but allowed two hits in a non-save situation.

One thing that helped was that Chipper Jones put in an appearance, getting two hits and a walk, and driving in two. Drew had three hits, and Estrada and Green two apiece. Andruw had a double and two walks, and didn’t strike out. Charles Thomas pinch-hit and had his first career hit, a single to deep short.

The Braves now travel to Baltimore still looking for an actual series win. This would be a good time for it, what with the next two series against the Marlins and Red Sox.

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  1. I finally get to see some baseball! I tuned in just in time to see Hampton try his best to depress me. Impressive performances from Drew, Green, Hampton (after the 1st inning) Alfonseca, Reitsma and some life from Chipper and Andruw. Chipper looks good at third. All five of you viewers out there that have TS can you verify that my observations are true? Never thought I’d miss LaRoche but he would have gotten a couple of bad hop balls that Julio couldn’t handle. Does anyone know if Charles Thomas can field? I wonder why Bobby just doesn’t play Marrero full time in LF?

  2. Furcal has to be even more maddening than Andruw. Spectacular play to get the catcher on a hard hit ball to the left side of 2nd. A couple of innings earlier he boots a routine play. 11 errors to tie for the team lead with DeRo. Hits a 400+ foot homer. You just never know what you are going to get from this guy. A gut wrenching error or a spectacular play. A deep drive or a swing from the heels strike out.

    Andruw had a pretty good game. Most encouraging was that he walked twice laying off of a couple of outside pitches. When he does that he teases you into thinking ‘this could be the year’ but it aint gonna happen. He is a very good player and thats it. No superstar no right handed Griffey Jr. just a good player. I’ve accepted it and so should everyone else including the Braves managment.

  3. The recent TS broadcast games have been absolutely atrocious so don’t feel too bad that you missed them. This game was actually fun to watch. I loved the aggressive baserunning. Even if they got cut down a time or two it’s good to see them challenge the defense and make some things happen. We actually managed to survive a Hampton start for once. Paul Byrd continues his comeback today. Dare I dream? Two in a row maybe? Damn this cursed optimism!

  4. Boyd, you are optimistic because you are a fan. I can’t figure out where I am because so many Braves are under performing all at once. I hope that we are catching the O’s at a good time to get a win streak started.

  5. Although he has had a fairly solid season (actually, almost stellar since the start of May), watching Alf pitch makes me hope that he brought the Rolaids in from the bullpen with him to give to Bobby and Leo. He can bounce the 58-footer up there and then turn around and throw some absolutely unhittable stuff. I don’t know if anyone is baseball could have hit the pitch he got Easley on: 93-95 mph, sinking and bearing in, and ending up right on the edge of the strike zone.

  6. Unfortunately, the Braves have two day games in Baltimore (of which I will be attending one–I hope it’s not too ugly). If they can’t hit this pitching staff, they might as well give up. I live in the area and see the Orioles nightly and, compared to them, the Braves are Maddux, Glavine and Smoltz again.

    I agree about Furcal. His best season was actually his rookie year when he actually was a disruptive force on the bases. Since then, he has remained erratic in the field and unwilling to consistently use his speed offensively or to act like a leadoff man.

    I love Drew; this guy is a player. Watching him stretch doubles into triples is a treat. He is somewhat inconsistent, especially against lefties, but he is a lot closer to what Andruw was supposed to be when he came up.

  7. FYI: The Typekey won’t let me sign in any more.

    I’ve watched most of the games on TS and I have to say Chipper has looked much better than his stats. He’s been hitting a lot of line drives that are just not falling. His defense at third is no worse the DRo and Eli is a better baseball player than DRro, so I think the move was a good one. In fact, Chipper shows no rust in his move to 3B.

  8. It was funny because after Wednesday’s loss, a whole lot of people said that that was it! But after I stared thinking, we were 6.5 games out with 92 games left. All we had to do to win the division was gain 1 game per 14 games played. There was a start yesterday.

  9. If it looks like you’re not signed in, try reloading this page. I’ve noticed that sometimes it doesn’t show changes.

    I was impressed with what I saw of Chipper’s defense last night; it was something I meant to mention but didn’t. He looks a lot more comfortable out there than he did in 2000-01. Maybe the pressure’s off somehow.

    I’d really like for the Braves to sign Drew to an extension, but I don’t know if it’s feasible. But Francoeur’s at least two years away and there really isn’t anything ahead of him in the systme but reserve types, and maybe a couple guys like Jurries who could stumble around in the outfield but are natural DHs.

    Furcal was a really productive player last season, and of late has been hitting well. He’s arguably been the second-best player on the team the last two weeks (JD and the Seven Dwarfs), though that’s like being the most attactive guy at the freakshow. He’s even walking slightly more (.072 isolated OBP). Remember, he was hurt most of the year and only now is reasonably healthy. He’s not an ideal leadoff hitter, as I’ve written a number of times, but how many ideal leadoff hitters are there? None in today’s game.

  10. MWS I agree with you about Drew. Gosh what an athlete. Everything he does seems effortless. His stats are terrific, probably the best player on the team right now. He gets on base, hits with power and is an outstanding outfielder. I don’t miss Gary Sheffield at all.

    Thanks JC. In my limited observations Chip has looked far more comfortable at 3rd than in LF. Marrero is having a good June. If he can duplicate his best year numbers then he is a far better player than DeRo’s projections.

    I just wish someone could hit Furcal upside the head and tell him that a .394 OBP is better than him trying to hit 20 HR. And for Chrissake field the damn ball!

  11. Furcal is a very good offensive middle infielder. I like him as a player. I wonder if we’ll try to keep him.
    I think that we should try to sign Drew too. It would be a big gamble though. The last time he played more than a 130 games he went several years playing only 100. After seeing him play I think it would be worth it.

    Putting Chipper back at 3b has been a success. Just to beat a dead horse, Smoltz back to the rotation?

  12. On Furcal, it is easy to forget that he has been playing injured. I see some really good improvement in him, that will get his OBP back up. For example, the number of pitches per plate appearance are up this year over 4. I know it’s dangerous in identifying a possible statistical run of good luck as a return to normal, but I think there are signs that this is result of an actual improvement. His HRs may actually indicate that he his becoming a better hitter, and that he is adding power, without losing much of the OBP.

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