Well, about time. Horacio Ramirez had a terrific start, going the distance and allowing only three hits, one run on an eighth-inning homer. He also had two hits and and RBI. He needed only 94 pitches, struck out five, and walked two; his ERA for the season dipped under 2 before the homer and is now 2.04, third in the league.

Chipper, breaking out of his slump, had two hits and a walk. Nick Green had two hits and two walks and is hitting .313. Mark DeRosa, on the other hand, is hitting .191. The Braves have to seriously consider letting Green stay in the lineup whenever Furcal gets back. If that ever happens. (By the way, Eli Marrero sure has one tough respiratory problem, doesn’t he? What is it, plague?)

The Dodgers, losers of seven straight, next. Somebody has to win; these are the rules.