Atlanta 3, New York 0 – MLB – Recap – Mets at Braves

Kyle Davies was impressive again, and the Braves successfully turned two double plays and avoided getting Kolbous. Davies pitched 5 1/3, struck out six, walked only one, and allowed five hits. He stayed in after getting hit on a liner back at him leading off the sixth (he threw the guy out) but left after Cameron tripled off Andruw’s glove (the second time in the series he almost made a fantastic play) and Foster, Bernero, and Reitsma finished it off.

Foster got the last two outs of the sixth, then allowed two hits leading off the seventh. Bernero came in and after a flyout loaded the bases with a single, but then got a double play to get out of it. Reitsma mowed them down, six in a row, capped with two strikeouts.

The Braves got all their runs in the fifth. Zambrano’s control problems showed up in the field this time, when with Langerhans on first and Estrada on second, nobody out, he threw a ball away trying to get the force at third. Two runs scored, then Furcal drove in Orr on a single. Marcus could have added to the runs when Furcal stole second and third, but struck out. Thing is, he got singles in his other three ABs.

The Marlins are actually losing to the Phillies. We’ll see if that lasts. If it does the Braves will be back to a half game out. They have tomorrow off, then host the Phillies for three.

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  1. Victor Zambrano won that game for us. The offense pretty much had nothing, and when they did, nobody capitalized. That error was huge. He also must be really bad at holding runners, because Marcus and Furcal were running all over the field like it was the Marine Corps Marathon. Not that it really mattered.
    See, Bobby? It’s possible to win without Jordan and Mondesi in the lineup!

  2. Well, Piazza can’t throw them out either.

    I don’t wanna jinx it, but Foster is yet to give up a run still.

  3. So are we going to move Haracio for an outfielder or closer when Thompson comes back?

  4. To the airport! Don’t let the Mets leave town!

    So are we going to move Haracio for an outfielder or closer when Thompson comes back?

    I hope not. He’s cheap and effective, which is a good combination for the perpetually budget crunched Braves.

  5. I don’t think it’s too smart to put so much responsibility on Rameriz and Davies when we have Thomson who is a huge bargain singing for JS and pitching nothing like a fourth pitcher when he was healthy. As our entire pitching rotation are full of health problem, it’s very important to have Davies standing by.

    On the other hand, don’t get too excited on Davies yet. I would be interested to see how well he will pitch when he faces the Mets the second time.

  6. Good point nyb, one of the things people don’t realize about Ramirez, other than the fact that he could become a stellar leftie, is that right now he only makes about 300 grand.

  7. A couple thoughts on the game . . .

    1. I’m starting to feel bad for Mike Piazza. Horrible at the plate, and even worse behind it. 5 Braves stolen bases last night, many of them coming in instances where a half-decent throw would have gotten the runner easily. Its hard to see why Piazza wouldn’t want to switch to first base, and why the Mets wouldn’t want to move him there. How hard would it be to find a catching replacement that would hit better than the Mets current first baseman Mientkiewicz.

    2. I guess Reitsma does have the “stuff”, “Mental Strength”, “Moxie”, “Fill in your cliche here”, to pitch the 9th after all.

  8. Piazza was a danger to himself at first base. Some guys just can’t do it. Todd Hundley refused because he was afraid of ground balls. Piazza isn’t even capable of getting in the proper position to take a throw from an infielder. It’s not all that common that a professional ballplayer can’t play first base, but it appears to be the case with Piazza. He either retires (which I find most likely), or he goes to the AL to DH and _maybe_ catch once or twice a month.

    As for HRam. Well, you won’t catch me touting the guy. But trading a major league starter (whether he’s got what it takes to be a good one of the long haul or not) doesn’t seem like something Atlanta can afford to do even when Thompson comes back. I agree with KC that there are simply too many question marks with the rotation to do that. And, of course, he is cheap. Spending the last few months of the year in AAA won’t hurt Davies one bit either.

  9. Piazza would find playing first base difficult, what with the giant fork sticking out of his back.

    You can’t really have too many starters. Leave aside that Thomson’s going to be out for another two months, every one of the guys in the rotation but Hudson has missed serious time in the past.

  10. Our starting staff is a little dinged up, but the Braves need a corner out fielder. We need to let Langerhans play everyday and let him get some AB’s or we need to go get one from somewhere. Mondy can’t hit anymore and his D is not what it used to be. We are a decent ways into the season and it is time start worrying about this. Jordan gets banged up once a week and a beat up 36 year old (average at best) outfielder isn’t going to help.

    What if we move Davies or HR to closer? Davies would be a risk, but HR I think could do it. He has good stuff and throws strikes, which is most important.

  11. I’d like to think that they give Kelly Johnson and Langerhans a nice, long look with Jordan playing pretty much exclusively against lefties. But I just don’t trust them to do that. I still think we’re in for a trade for an old has-been or never-was outfielder to replace Mondesi, and Jordan ends up playing half the time or more. But I would be incredibly happy to be wrong about that one.

  12. When Jordan hurt his wrist I became a bad Braves fan by thinking for a nanosecond ‘more playing time for Langerhans!’ Isn’t it around this time that they brought up Charles Thomas last season?

    creynolds is right sort of. I don’t think that we’ll trade for an old outfielder we’ll just continue to play the ones we have until August. By then maybe it will become evident to Bobby that they aren’t any good anymore.

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