TimesDispatch.com | Betemit batters Pawsox

No, not the headline. (Though it’s surprising that Betemit is finally hitting.) Trey Hodges was supposed to start last night, but instead the Braves sold his contract to a Japanese team.

I’m outraged. It’s not like Hodges was ever going to be a star, but the Braves are sitting here with a bullpen where two pitchers, both of whom are possible free agents after the season, have been effective at all. They have Reitsma and Smith having a contest to see who can give up the longest home run, and Gryboski trying to see if he can set the major league record for walking the bases loaded. Juan Cruz is reportedly still in the bullpen, but sightings of him are so few and far between that they can’t be confirmed. And Hodges, a guy with less than one year’s major league service time, and who’s shown that he can be at least sporatically effective in the bullpen, is shipped to Japan? I can’t even blame Time-Warner for this one, it’s all the baseball guys’ problem. Sheesh.

Via NoPepper.