Horacio Ramirez seems to be in the “no support” slot in the rotation, at least by the early returns. He gave the Braves a quality start, seven strong innings allowing two runs (though with his usual awful peripherals — six hits, one strikeout, four walks) but there was no offense to pick him up. Ramirez has thrown fourteen innings this year, allowing two runs, and is 0-1. Returning to his expected level, Base12 then allowed two runs in 2/3 of an inning to put things out of reach.

The Braves couldn’t do much of anything off Al Leiter, and even less off the Mets’ bullpen. They totalled four hits and four walks, and leave New York on a 15-inning scoreless streak. Chipper returned to the lineup but was 0-4. The Braves had one realistic chance for a big inning, loading the bases off Leiter and Dave Weathers with one out in the sixth, but Julio grounded a 3-2 pitch hard into a DP.

The Braves now return to Atlanta to face the buzzsaw Marlins, who are 8-1 and already three games up on the Mets, four on the Braves. Jaret Wright will pitch in the opener even though Ortiz is on full rest, so I guess the 4 1/2 man rotation is dead for now. Given their early starts, it’s not such a bad thing.