Open thread

Braves trailing, 2-1, in the seventh. I have to go; recap will be up in the morning theoretically. Talk amongst yourselves.

5 thoughts on “Open thread”

  1. You cocky bastiges that were predicting a sweep after one game in the series are all responsible for this.

    Never mind that the Braves were hideous on offense (especially with men on base) yet again… Pay no attention to the team behind the curtain! This is all YOUR fault!

  2. Well another loss, another “anemic” offensive performance. So much for that sweep idea. C’mon, you were hoping for it.

    On the “bright” side, looks like Philly and Florida are both going to lose, so we’d still be 3.5 back. Of course that means the Mets are going to gain a game, but what the hey.

  3. Say what you will… regardless of the Detroit-KC game, the Braves will still be behind the Tigers on the year.

    Put a positive spin on that.

    Paging Nick Esasky… Nick Esasky, please pick up the nearest white courtesy phone…

  4. I predicted a sweep. I guess we will have to do with 2 out of 3. If we lose tomorrow, the season is over.

    More or less. I mean, sure we could win everything after losing tomorrow but does a team that blows an opportunity like this ever do anything? Hell no.

    thin ice.

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