If Adam LaRoche runs like Sid Bream now, how slow will he be in six or eight years? I’m just saying.

4 thoughts on “LaRoche”

  1. No kidding. When the announcers said something to the effect of “LaRoche does not run well” I thought “yeah, that’s a severe understatement”.

  2. In six or seven years, Adam LaRoche will be plying his trade in the independent leagues so I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

  3. Have some faith in the guy. Once he gets to know MLB pitching (and can hit breaking stuff on his hands), he’ll start hitting. Then his speed won’t matter.

  4. First we need to see some remote signs of pitch recognition and selection. One walk every 30 PA – and none since May 1 – does not inspire confidence. 53 PA and counting since his last walk.

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