Atlanta 5, Los Angeles 1 – MLB – MLB RECAP

Mike Hampton got a win, and Rafael Furcal is back in the lineup at shortstop. Of course, Hampton pitched the worst six shutout innings you’ll ever see, and Furcal was 0-5 and sloppy on the field, but both are nice to see.

Hampton’s line: six innings, nine hits, two walks, three strikeouts, 91 pitches, 62 strikes. He got a couple of double plays (actually, turning one himself on a line drive) and had Chipper, of all people, throw a runner out at the plate. There were runners all over the place. But he didn’t give up any runs. It doesn’t exactly fill me with confidence, but it’s a start. He also hit a solo homer in the fourth.

Gryboski gave up a run in the seventh on a freak ground ball that hit something on the infield dirt (E-groundskeeping); Reitsma had some trouble but got through the eighth, and Smoltz gave up a single in the ninth. The Dodgers had at least one baserunner in every inning.

With Furcal at shortstop, Nick Green could stay in the game at second. He responded with two hits, including a double, and two RBI. The Braves had ten hits on the day — three fewer than the Dodgers — and everyone reached base except Furcal. Chipper still looks pretty lost out there but got ahold of one pitch for a two-run homer that pretty much sealed the deal in the fifth.

Now to the Concrete Hole in Montreal for three. Just what the Braves needed, a series on the Turf of Doom.

12 thoughts on “Atlanta 5, Los Angeles 1”

  1. The Dodgers left 33 men on base in this series. That’s gotta be some sort of record.

  2. Also, what does Nick Green have to do until Bobby considers moving him out of the #8 spot in the batting order? Obviously getting on base nearly 50% of the time isn’t enough.

  3. Hampton’s had bad luck in addition to flat bad pitching so far this season, so he was due for a good luck day today.

    Not a bad series overall.

  4. I agree. Green should at least bat ahead of Derosa. Betemet should get a chance at third. The Braves do not lose anything offensively by playing him instead of Derosa. Recent history suggests that it takes a while for Betemet to get comfortable and start hitting. Give the dude a shot

  5. I still hold a special place for tommy, so I’d like to congradulate him for a brilliant game today (though I was in philly checking out the new stadium). The ESPN report called it the most brilliant game of his career, but I think everyone here really knows which game that was…

  6. The Braves wouldn’t lose anything offensively by playing me instead of DeRosa. Paging Jack Llewellyn….

  7. Some of your insults just make no sense whatsoever. I mean, some have a basis, but why is it Chipper “off all people”? He has one of the stronger and more accurate arms you’re going to see from the outfield, so why is it surprising that he throws someone out? If it had been Chipper making an ESPN running grab I would underestand that statement, but it doesn’t fit here.

    Yeah, Montreal’s stadium sucks, but they are exactly what we need right now. A team that sucks.

  8. Hampton, Ortiz, and Ramirez are very similar. Lots of walks, hits and luck. Heck I’ll take it though.

    Sample size is small but it seems that Nick will take a walk and hit a double which is what they were hoping LaRoche and DeRosa would do. So far they haven’t shown the inclination. Mark walks but doesn’t hit. LaRoche hits doubles but doesn’t walk. Oh well.

    I saw Chipper’s homer. He was bailing looking to pull and just managed to get the fat part of the bat on the ball. If we can get him hot it will solve a lot of offensive problems.

  9. Okay, Chipper throws pretty well, I grant you that. But I’m so used to him screwing up out there that I’m surprised when he ever makes a genuinely good play. (As opposed to making a routine play look hard.)

  10. That Chipper throw was pretty much perfect. I loved how you could see the ball bounce and then cross like directly over LoDuca’s leg into Perez’ glove. Beauty.

  11. I agree with Christine on that one, unless she meant it on a more intimate, sexual level. In which case, I disagree with Christine… a lot.

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