One ugly shutout for John Thomson — 11 hits. On the other hand, no walks, just two extra-base hits, both doubles. It’s very hard to score when all you do is hit singles, because it takes three singles (or two singles and a “productive out”, or two singles with a stolen base in between) to score a run. Thomson’s allowed a .298 BA this year, but as long as he keeps the ball in the yard and doesn’t give up free passes (he’s been inconsistent with the one, pretty good with the second) he’ll be okay. Reitsma allowed a hit in the eighth, Alfonseca two (either could easily have been an out with a little luck) in the ninth, striking out two.

Offensively, Andruw hit two homers, a two-run job in the second and a solo homer in the seventh. I know people sometimes think that whenever Andruw has a big day he’s about to start slumping by trying to do too much. We’ll see. Drew hit a solo homer as well. Chipper singled home a run, then got off the death turf to rest his hamstring in the late innings. In fact, everyone got a hit except Furcal, now 0-9 since returning to the lineup.

Horacio Ramirez tries to keep up his string of good starts tomorrow night. The Braves could get back to .500 with a win.