I’ve mentioned it in the comments, but just to formally announce what the Lockhart Line is and how Jeff Francoeur has crossed it… The core Lockhart Line principle is that when a player acts out publicly in defense of a perceived entitlement to a role on the team, no matter how poorly he is playing, that player is making himself fair game for humorous abuse.

In June of 2001, Keith Lockhart went to the newspapers and complained about how Bobby wasn’t using him enough. In 2001, Lockhart hit .219 .289 .303 while getting 199 plate appearances. This came on the heels of three consecutive seasons of far below-average hitting in which Bobby kept running him out there far too often.

This led to the establishment of the Lockhart Line. Basically, when a player whom Bobby (or the organization as a whole) has been supportive of, often far beyond the point when I or most fans have called for their dismissal, finally gets demoted (either from a prominent to a lesser role, or from the majors to the minors), and then has the entitled audacity to complain about how he’s been treated, he has crossed the Lockhart Line. Once the Lockhart Line is crossed, I no longer see any reason to treat the player fairly. Instead of merely pointing out that he is playing poorly (“Francoeur Sucks”) I will make jokes at his expense and basically call him the whiny baby he’s acting like.

It says something about how Jeff Francoeur has behaved over the last week that he has done something that previously had only been achieved by Keith Lockhart and Dan Kolb. If I hadn’t been beaten to it, you can bet that Francoeur would have joined Lockhart and Kolb as the possessor of a borderline libelous blog attributing to him habits of mind generally associated with small children. If he was lucky.

UPDATE: You have to be &%#%$@$ kidding me.

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