I cannot take much more of this. Once again, the Braves took the early lead, and this time held it to 3-0 heading to the bottom of the sixth. By the end of the seventh, the starter had tired and the bullpen had led the lead get away.

Johnny Estrada had four hits and all three RBI, driving in two in the first and one in the sixth. The Braves had ten hits! And three runs! Because they suck!

Gryboski played only a minor role in the latest atrocity. With Jaret Wright tired, having allowed two baserunners in the seventh and throwing 110 pitches (what was Bobby thinking?) Gryboski came in and promptly walked the bases loaded. Chris Reitsma was the other villain, walking in one run, allowing another run on a wild pitch, and a third on a single. With the run Wright allowed in the sixth, that was it.

I really can’t take much more of this.