Arizona 6, Atlanta 4 (11 innings) – MLB – MLB RECAP

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That’s the Braves’ last 21 innings. The 4 came in the bottom of the eighth tonight, tying up a 4-0 game on Julio’s two-run homer. I suppose it’s a good sign that they finally scored some runs, but it’s frustrating that they couldn’t get the last one to win.

John Thomson pitched six innings, giving up four runs. He started out okay but faded to give up two in the fifth and in the sixth. That seems to be a pattern for a lot of Braves’ pitchers, but then again it’s hard to pitch well when you never have a lead. Gryboski and Reitsma stopped the bleeding and Smoltz pitched two shutout innings, but Armando Almanza, whose job it is to get lefthanded batters, allowed two solo homers to lefties in the tenth.

Big game for Andruw, who like everyone else had been slumping, 3-3 with two doubles, two walks. Nick Green had two hits, drove in Andruw, and scored in front of Julio. Nobody else had a particularly strong game. Chipper, mired in a deep slump, was 0-4 with a walk… Furcal is still a pinch-hitter.

5 thoughts on “Arizona 6, Atlanta 4 (11 innings)”

  1. FWIW, a long string of zeros does not a bad team make. The league-leading Angels had gone at least 18 innings without scoring before they finally pushed a run across in the 11th last night.

    But we’re not the Angels, either.

  2. I was not really concerned when I first read that story. This Vaughn guy is a clown (he wanted to move the Expos to Puerto Rico). Hopefully those Mets fans in New York are still willing to listen to a serious offer from someone like Arthur Blank.

  3. The fact that the Braves are not for sale pretty much confirms to my mind that every claim TW has made about losing money is utter BS

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