Russ Ortiz had one of his innings (four runs on four singles and two walks) in the first and the Braves never caught up. They had a chance to in the first, but Estrada was thrown out at the plate trying to score from first on a double after two runs were in, and that pretty much ended the threat. Ortiz gave up one more run in the second, but after that pitched good baseball, striking out eight in six innings.

The Braves had a couple other chances to get it even. Andruw doubled in a run to make in 5-3 in the eighth, and Chipper (pinch-hitting for Green) reached on an error, but DeRosa grounded out. The inning before, the first two runners reached, but Furcal, of all people, grounded into a double play. At least McCarver wasn’t there to see it.

The Braves now dip below .500, and need a win tomorrow to split the series. Millwood versus Wright in a noon game.

One thought on “PHILADELPHIA 5, ATLANTA 3”

  1. At first, I was surprise to find that at 8:30 DST, no one had responded to your last entry.
    Then I realized- what’s there to say?
    We could crticize, but the complaints wouldn’t be much different than what was said last weekend.
    We could praise, but the bright spots are too few.
    In a season where a hot two weeeks could put us in the driver’s seat, the management sits on their hands and relies on Bobby’s skills.
    Or maybe there’s just not much inspiring about this team to talk about.
    I used to look forward to Bobby’s Sunday line-ups because they were always . . .er, interesting. An adventure. Now it’s just another day at the office.
    John-do something brilliant, you old goat.

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