6 thoughts on “For what that’s worth”

  1. I agree. I don’t know how much 3rd Green has played but they should give him a shot. Egad, more Garcia at shortstop or do you move DeRosa over there?

  2. Derosa’s excellent baserunning skills, if you’re really serious, do us no good with his .263 OBP. And also, he’s 1 for 3 in stolen base attempts, for what that’s worth. Garcia also has four less errors as Derosa, in about 25 more chances, at a position higher in the defensive spectrum.

  3. Don’t worry, Rob. I’m fairly certain that was meant in jest considering Derosa’s botched steal attempt earlier tonight.

  4. Ok Mac who has the pictures? Garcia or DeRosa? I’d probably go with Garcia too but this team can’t cary this decades Raffy Belliard very long.

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