9 thoughts on “This didn’t actually happen”

  1. Just saw that the Braves re-signed Eddie Perez- do we really need to have done this? I thought Marrero was going to fill the backup role…

  2. I don’t know about it at all. Eddie better be prepared for a drop in playing time from last year. I presume he’s being brought in to mentor Estrada, just as O’Brien was brought in to mentor Javy.

  3. Christ, just when you thought JS had weaned himself of signing stiffs that happen to be organizational legacies…

  4. Somebody on a message board was saying that Estrada apparently grew up a Braves fan, and specifically of Eddie. I guess that’s the idea then, and it will allow Marrerro to concentrate on his many other positions. In which case, we probably don’t need any more bench players?

    Bring on the pitchers, then. JS, where is Arthur Rhodes? Bring him to me. Don’t lose out to Billy Beane, please.

  5. Too f’in bad he didn’t grow up a fan of Vlad Guerrero. Perez is a stiff, and a TWO YEAR DEAL? Utter waste. I have resisted the idea that JS was coasting on a team that was primarily created when Cox was GM, but am definitely starting to weaken

  6. I’m glad they got eddie back. He will bring intangibles to the club, and he’s an adequate player to take some of those at-bats from estrada. Besides, I doubt he’s signed for much. Only 9 and a half months till division title number 13.

  7. I don’t generally agree with giving multi-year contracts to anyone who’s not going to play 140 games, but Perez can still be useful in a limited role. If nothing else, he’ll allow Cox to use Marrero as a pinch-hitter early in the game instead of keeping him welded to the bench as the only back-up catcher.

  8. Estrada grew up an Eddie Perez fan? Not counting his 13 AAB in 1995, Eddie didn’t become a Braves regular until 1996 – when Estrada was 20 years old. So by “growing up” a fan of Eddie Perez fan we mean from age 20-26 or so?

  9. Hated to see Perez go and it will certainly be good to have him back in a Braves uniform, but a two year deal seems overly generous (especially now). Nonetheless, this is a good move because Estrada has yet to play a full major league season; Perez may get more ABs than anticipated. I suppose it also means that Marrerro was obtained primarily to back up Drew. I certainly agree that it would be nice to see some more relief help…

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