John Sickels on Marte – MLB – Down on the Farm: Andy Marte

Thanks to Troy. To answer his question, the worst thing that could happen if the Braves gave Marte the 3B job is that his development could be permanently stunted, as has happened to some prospects brought directly up from A-Ball. I think that the Braves will give him some time in AA, then go from there. If he plays well, and third base isn’t a team strength, he might be up by midseason as Cabrera was.

Then again, the Braves rushed Rafael Furcal, and there wasn’t even a hole when he came up. We will see.

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11 thoughts on “John Sickels on Marte”

  1. Nothing to do with Marte, but Lee Sinnis is reporting that the Braves are interested in Doug Mienkivicizggefgdfikxksh of the Twins. Not bad if he’s cheap (nice OBP), but I have this feeling they’d give him Vinny dollars.

  2. Thanks for the notification mail. But if your system doesn’t work, you don’t have to do it manually. I think it’s less effort for us to just check the page regularly.

  3. Why? Are the Braves that desperate to keep a rookie out of the lineup? It doesn’t make any sense. LaRoche is basically Doug M. minus several million dollars.

  4. Minky has a great glove and is a proven leader in the clubhouse. What, you think the Twins turned it around the last two years because of young talent? No, it was because Mientkiewicz and Pierzynski willed them to victory… that, and Shannon Stewart.

    Hey, how did Rick Sutcliffe get inside my head???

  5. I haven’t heard that rumor, but I would suspect Schuerholz’n’Bobby are interested in Doug M. because, in addition to his mediocre-for-a-1B hitting, he has that thar Gold Glove on his mantle.

  6. I’m with Mac. Doug M might be great, I have nothing against him, but if you’re looking to cut a bunch of payroll, it doesnt seem smart to go grabbing at veterans. Especially when we’ve got this kid that everybody seems to love who’s gonna cost beans and could turn out to be great as well.

  7. A source in the state department confirms that Doug Mientkiewicz is really the KGB alias of one Sid Bream. He went by Rico Brogna for a while when he was trying to inflitrate the Italian mob.

  8. Didn’t he spend some time as Wally Joyner and BJ Surhoff, too, or was that just a nightmare of mine?

  9. Actually, Mientkiewicz will become a Brave, pull off a face mask and be Fick!

    LaRoche should have all the clubhouse virtues and a much higer ceiling that M. He comes dirt cheap and he has proven lots of scouts wrong before….

  10. Doug M. won’t be that expensive, but even at 1,75 mil, he is far more expensive than the 250k laroche will cost. I say get Doug if its a steal, but go get a right fielder (sheff or guerrero) first.

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